DIY coffee, coconut scrub

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I'm pretty open about my love of coffee! I'm also a pretty big fan of everything coconut, the smell in particular. When I first heard about the coconut oil craze, I  immediately jumped on the band wagon and was all over it: putting it in my hair, on my skin, in my cooking- literally everything. 

One of way favorite things of all time is most likely coffee coconut scrub. The coffee is amazing for getting rid of the dreaded cellulite, stretch marks and acne (I'm pretty sure we've all suffered from at least on of these!) and, what's even better, the coffee almost gives you subtle, natural glow! It's a win win situation ladies (and gents). The coconut oil leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated and is fab if you suffer from problems such as eczema, or other dry skin conditions. 

So, here I have my own little dupe of brands such as Frank and Grounded

What you'll need:

- a jar/ container (preferably with a lid to keep the scrub fresh) 

- ground coffee beans (try not to get the instant if you can help it) 

- jar of coconut oil

-caster sugar

- any extra essential oils you want to add (personally, I don't add any as i just love the coco-nutty, 
coffee smell, but almond oil is great for extra hydration) 

- separate container to mix the ingredients together (heat/ microwave proof) 

1.) decide how much of each you want, I tend to go for a ratio of 4:2:1 table spoons of coffee, coconut oil and sugar (respectively). This way you can decide if you want to make a small or big batch! 

2.) Heat the coconut oil up until it has just turned into a liquid (fairly easy to do in a microwave, set it at 30 seconds and stir every 10, stop if it takes less time than that)

3.) Mix in the coffee and sugar into the coconut oil and make sure it's all covered, no dry bits please! 
This would be a good time to add in any extras you may want, such as essential oils etc, just add however much you fancy- a little or a lot! (I find almond oil is great for extra moisture, but please don't add this if you're allergic to nuts!) 

4.) Place in your container or jar and Tad-Dah! You're done!

Because none of these ingredients are considered to be perishable, this should last you a long time. But I would say 6-8 Months should be a good amount of time (if it lasts that long!). 
This scrub is perfect for areas such as your legs, shoulders and back. It is suitable for your face but please be gentle (and don't do it too often, once a week should be enough) as the skin of your face is super sensitive! I would recommend applying it onto dry skin (if applying to legs or back) and leaving it on for 10 minutes. Then just wash of in the shower using circular motions to get the most out of it. If using it on your face, apply wet (as it will be softer). Make sure, as always, to moisturise after using it for even better results!

Enjoy, my lovelies, and make sure to let me know how you get on or tag me in any photos with you using it!  x 


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