Spring/ Summer Transitional Makeup

Right my lovelies so I'm pretty excited about this post. This is a collab with my gorgeous friend Petiteelliee (if you haven't check her out yet- why?) from petiteelliee.com. She's the wonderful person who introduced me to the blogging world, and I guess a lot of what you see here is down to her support- so this is very special for me. We both though it would be a cute idea if we both showed you all what our transitional makeup is around this sort of time of year, so make sure to go check out her post too! 

Now, I absolutely LOVE Spring and Summer. The weather is getting warmer and it's finally a chance to bring out the bronzer, without people questioning whether it is a real tan or not! And I love being able to start experimenting with brighter coloured lips. 

So to kick this all off I have to introduce you to one of my absolute favourites which is the No7 Skin Illuminator. What I like about this is that you can pop it under your foundation, as a primer, use it as a highlighter or even wear it on its own- there is so much you can do. It gives you this healthy shimmer and glow, which makes you feel and look like you've gone somewhere lovely warm and exotic (when really you just went to the highstreet!). 

While were on the subject of having colour- bronzer! I'm all for bronzer, and love how it looks if it is done well. But- I'm always cautious as I've seen it gone wrong far too many times. In saying that, i feel Stila has come to my rescue with their self-adjusting bronzer. The wonderful thing about this is that it adapts to your own skin colour (I know!) which means it's always going to look natural. So definitely in my makeup bag for this transitional period, giving me a lovely colour until I can go away and actually get a tan! 

When it comes to foundation etc I have to admit, I don't wear much foundation during this time. I tend to prefer to go for a lighter coverage, so a BB or CC cream is perfect. I love MAC's BB cream as it gives me a nice even coverage, but isn't too heavy- so won't melt off when you get hot! What's even better about this BB cream in particular is that it has an SPF of 35 (yes you read that right)! So there is no need for me to put on extra suncream, which obviously saves a lot of time in the mornings. 

Now, although it is definitely getting super close to summer, I often feel that I don't want to head for a full on hot pink lip just yet (although I am a HUGE fan of them)! So my current favorite lippie is the Loreal Paris Collection Exclusive lipstick in Eva's Pink. I am so in love with this colour. It's a lovely deep, yet dusty pink, which looks so cute paired with a white shirt and jeans. I love the creamy texture on the lips and how it just gives a lovely coverage and lasts a pretty long time (which is always handy)!

Another thing I love about this time of year is the fragrances that come out! If you follow me on instagram you will have noticed a fair few posts about my love of Marc Jacobs' fragrance Eau So Fresh in Blush. I'm sorry (not sorry) but it's making an appearance on here too! I can't stop raving about this enough! I feel that it sums up these seasons so well. It's light and fresh, yet fruity and delicately floral all at the same time. And the bottle is just too cute for words!

When it comes to nails I like to go for the neutral colour scheme during this period as I feel I'm focusing more on other aspects of my makeup and need something that isn't high maintenance. This is why I am loving Ciate X Olivia Palermo's soft pinky nude in the shade "Sundays- My of duty nude". What I love about this is that it looks sleek yet isn't high maintenance like bright colours often are as it doesn't matter much if it chips a little (because let's face it, we're all so busy and our nail varnish is always bound to chip!) 

So these are just a few of the bits which are making an appearance in my transitioanl makeup bag, make sure to check out the lovely Petiteelliee's transitional post too! Make sure to let us know what's in your transitional makeup bag. x 

P.S. As always, I was not paid to write about these products! And a big thank you to Petiteelliee x


  1. Love Petiteelliee blog post and welcome to the blogging world! I seriously think Eva's Nude lipstick is one of my favourites this month, it's that perfect sheer lip! I've never tried No7 makeup, but the illuminator sounds gorgeous! xx


    1. Ah I'm sure she'll be chuffed to hear that and thank you! I know. JLo's and Eva's nude are my favourites at the moment. Pretty much wear them almost everyday! I would seriously recommend looking at No7. They do some lovely stuff, and I'm just in love with the illuminatior. It's perfect for giving I little bit of a glow. So definitely worth a try! Xx


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