What's in my handbag?

Handbags are wonderful things, if you're highly organised. If you're not then it can end up being something pretty scary, being filled with the whole world and the kitchen sink!

I have to try very hard to make sure it stays organised.

So, what IS in my handbag?

First is obviously my purse- you never know when you may need some money: to get a taxi home, to grab some food, buy a new lipstick- emergencies may spring up when you least expect them!

Next is an umbrella. Living in England, the whether is so unpredictable that this is sort of a must. Knowing my luck, the day I go out without one is the day that it rains!

Now, this may seem a bit odd, but I keep a bag within my bag. Well, it's more like a little purse or old pencil case.Anyway, it is amazing for keeping all my little bits and bobs organised and together.

Normally, I keep some painkillers and tissues (because, again, you never know when you might need them) a vile of perfume for a little spritz and freshen up when I'm out (loving the Victoria's Secret Bombshell- and so are my friends!), Vaseline (one of my many- think I have about four different flavours...) just in case I

get chapped lips. Sometimes, when I'm really desperate and I've run out of hand cream, I smooth over a small amount of Vaseline over the effected area and it helps to keep it hydrated.

Leading on from that, I also keep hand cream in my bag. If you ask my friends, they would probably tell you that I'm a bit of a hand cream junkie- I love the stuff. Currently have The Body Shop's hand cream in Mango.  I almost always have a lipstick, normally my Loreal Paris lippie in JLo's Nude or Bourjois' Velvet lippie in "Don't Pink of It" as both of these are nice nudes/pinks, neither is high maintenance but makes me feel put together!

And, lastly, I usually try and keep a couple of hair ties and bobbi pins (if I cant ever find any...) for times when I just need to shove my hair up aka having a bad hair day!

Most importantly (or some may say) is the bag itself! I love black bags. Seriously. I probably have about three. I just love that they can go with almost everyoutfit and you can so easily dress it up or down. This one is probably my favourite though, purely because I love the style and size of it- its just big enough to fit in everything I need but small enough that my shoulder doesn't ache after carrying it! 

So these are a few of my handbag essentials, hopefully this has given you a few ideas of a few bits and bobs to keep in your bag to make sure your ready for anything!

Lots of love, and, as always, please be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below and to let me know if there is anything you want me to write about x


  1. Your handbag is so cute! I love posts like these :)

    xo, Liz


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