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Hopefully this is the first of a little series about my drugstore and high end makeup. Sort of plan for this to be a little 3/ 4 part seires (or more if you guys like it), and let you guys know where I feel you can save and maybe even find some good dupes along the way!

To start it all off, I thought I would do lippies. I am such a huge lipstick fan. I have to admit, a few years bag I would have cringed at the idea of wearing lipstick, but I have my gorgeous siter to thank for getting me into it!

First off- The Nudes

Nude lipstick never seems to go out of style, but at the moment it's reached a new level of popularity, most likely due to the Kardasians.

As you can imagine I have a fair few nude lipsticks... more than I'm proud of. But I felt that these two were worth discussing.
First up is my all time drugstore favourite, you've probably guessed it already if you've read my other posts... is Loreal Paris' Collection Exclusive Nudes- JLo's Nude. I'm so sorry but I just adore this one so much. To be frank, I love the whole range, Loreal have really out done themselves. You could quite easily believe someone if they told you this lipstick was retailing around the £15/£20, instead of £6.99! It's so creamy and hydrating and I just love the colour. One thing I would say though, is that it isn't as long wearing as some of my highend lipsticks, but I would highly recommend this if you are on a budget!

If you feel you want to spend a bit more then I would highly recommend Ciate London X OLivia Palermo's lipstick in shade "Truffle". The qualtiy really does shine through the £19 price tag, you only need to apply one coat of this lippie in order to gain high pigmentation. Whereas,m with Loreal Paris' I often find I need to apply a couple of coats in order to gain my desired effect. Also, as with most high quality makeup, this lasts a lot longer on the lips, so I don't have to reapply so often.

All in all, I guess it depends on your budget, JLo's Nude is perfect for everyday use, and you won't cringe so much when you have to buy a new one. Olivia Palermo's lippie, I find, is great for going out, as you won't be worrying if its worn off so often.


I have to admit, these two are almost identical in colour, so both are perfect (shade-wise) for any budget and very close dupes of each other. 

For my drugstore one, I have yet another Loreal Paris Collection Exlusive. But this time, in Eva's Pink, again at £6.99- you can't really go wrong. Like JLo's Nude, it has a lovely creamy texture and is pretty true to colour. But, like JLo, I do find myself reapplying it more than my high end one. 

For my high end I have Estee Lauder's Pure Colour lipstick in 'Pink Parfait'. There is a reason it says "lasting shimmer" because it really does last! And, like most high end lipsticks, and like I've already said before, this lippie only needs one swipe to gain good pigmentation. However, this is all reflected in the price and is often around £22, so this is a "treat yourself" sort of lippie!

I chose these colours purely because I feel these are the lipstick colours I wear more in spring time, so let me know if you want me to do any brighter lips for summer or any other bits of makeup in the comments below! x

And, as always, I was not paid to write about these prodcuts x 


  1. The colours look almost exactly alike! It is so surprising when you hear the price! I love drugstore lipsticks so much even though I 100% adore my red Dior lipstick, I'd rather spend my money on a high quality foundation! So many amazing quality lipsticks are out there in the drugstore! Have you tried the rimmel kate moss lipsticks? I think they are worth a lot more that just £5.49!


    1. I know, there so similar! Yes, I have to admit I do have a soft spot for my expensive ones but it just amazes me how good lipsticks from the drugstore can be. I've only ever tried on of Kate's Rimmel London collection and really liked it. Feel I need to get more!


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