Everyday Makeup

I often find myself reaching for the same few pieces of makeup everyday, so much so that I'm not sure where I'd be without them and thought I would share these beauties with you, after having several of you ask me what I use most!

 When it comes to everyday makeup, what I would say to anyone is keep it simple and natural. If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be that. I say this purely because it is low maintenance, and you don't want to be walking round school, college, uni or wherever constantly worrying about whether your lippie has smudged or if your eye makeup is halfway down your face!  

First, is my volume million lashes in extra black from Loreal Paris. I honestly think I would be lost, makeup wise, without this. It doesn't matter if it's just a quick flick before I leave the house in the morning or if it's with full eye makeup before a night out, it makes me feel put together. I also love the fact that it isn't clumpy as I find it so hard to find a mascara that isn't. 

Next, for my base, I start off by either using Benefit's "That Gal" brightening primer or Rimmel London's 5 in 1 primer. Both of these are fab and do what they say on the tin (or bottle for that matter...). My everyday one tends to be Rimmel's, purely because I have a bigger bottle of it! I like to use "that gal" if I'm going out somewhere, ie a party or dinner etc as it gives me more of a glow! 

For my foundation I use what I consider to be my new love- MACs Studio Fix foundation. It's one of those products I can't stop raving about, seriously. I just love everything about it (as you will know if you have read my transitional makeup post). It gives a lovely even finish, and has a medium to full coverage. Yet, it doesn't feel cakey or heavy when on, which I love! 

For blush or highlighter, it will either be Bobbi Brown's brightening brick is soft peach or Benefit's Dandelion. I love these two because they give you a subtle little glow, and doesn't look too out there for a Monday morning (because, let's face it, were all still waking up and don't want to be blinded by our own highlighter)!

Now, as normally my everyday makeup is for when I got to college or lectures, I feel I have to go with a subtle, nude lip. It's easy to maintain throughout the day and isn't so noticable if it come off (and you won't leave lipstick stains on everything!). I will normally reach for my JLo Nude by Loreal Paris, Bourjois' Velvet matte lipgloss in "Don't Pink of it" or Soap and Glory's Sexy Motherpucker in "Pink out loud". Normally it's JLo, purely because it always seems to be in my bag! 

To finish off my look, I usually fill in my brows a little, to make them look a bit fuller, using MAC's brow pencil or my new love Goof Proof brow pencil by Benefkt. Finally, brush over my face using Rimmel's translucent loose powder. 

A few of you have asked what sort of brushes I use. Normally it will be the few Real Techniques I have. I love that they give professional results but aren't going to break the bank too much. I have the blush, stippling, angled foundation and eyeshadow shading brush. I also use my Paul'sBoutique Kabuki brush an awful lot. 

So there we have it, my everyday makeup routine! As always, please feel free to ask me about anything, be it any other prodcuts I use or if there is a particular post you want me to write about. 
Much love, and have a good rest of the week. x

(a little disclaimer) I was not paid to write about these products, these are just the products I personally use most! 


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