How to rock a fish tail braid

I am, and always have been, a huge braid and plait fan. They never seem to go out of style and are just such a cute way to keep your hair out of your face.
I love fishtail braids in particular as they look so much more complex then they are and, personally, I find them easier to do than a french plait. Don't be fooled, they do take a bit of patience, but I am sure once you have practiced them a few times, they will become quick and easy to do!

Right first up, you need to decide if you want a "sleek" or more relaxed look,either way you start out with the same necessities: a hairband (or two if you're starting with a pony-tail) and a hairbrush or comb. If you want a sleek look, tie you hair in a ponytail first, if not keep it down- just decide whether you want it to be a side braid or not. Apart from that the basics are all the same.

In both cases, be it up in a ponytail or not, part you hair in two. Take a small piece from your right hand section and pull it over to the left (the size of the pieces you take will determine the look of your braid- the smaller, the thinner and more complex it looks). Proceed to take a similar size chunk from your left and bring it over to the right. Try and take pieces from the far side of each section in order to make it look neat.

All you have to do then is continue all the way down you hair, until all of it is incorporated and secure with a hair band.
If you want a more relaxed, boho vibe, you can then ease the sides of the braid (without pulling it all out!) just to make it look less practiced.
I warn you, if you have layers (like I do) then this may lead to you braid to become more messy during the day as the layers starts to peak out. If you're worried about this then you can try and apply some salt spray, before you start and finish off with a light hold hairspray (as you don't want it to look like a rock!). Equally, salt spray can be a really nice addition to a relaxed braid, just use it to finish off and srunch the braid a bit after, it creates a really nice, matt look that i think looks really cute. 

Let me know what you think and how you get on, as always, I love to hear what you think! 
Much Love, andplease excuse my messy hair (It air dried after a shower and decided to go frizzy *face palm*)xx


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