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As I have now finally finished college (literally finished yesterday, yay!), and won't be going to uni until mid September, this is a perfect time to go and do a little bit of travelling. To kick off the summer, I'm going for a long weekend away (yay-it's needed) to Paris with my darling boyfriend. I love long weekends so much as I feel that it's enough time to ensure you're doing stuff, but not too long to get bored! But, I do find it fairly hard to pack for, especially makeup wise, as it is such a short amount of time, yet you feel you need to pack everything. 

To go along with this post, a "Plane Essentials" sort of thing will be up soon, along with some other post about longer periods which will be up towards the end of August. 

Anyway, back to the makeup. Because it is only three days, we're taking carry on luggage- eek- so it makes it even tougher to pack! But one of the greatest and simplest tips I can give you is only take what you need. I know makeup wise you're probably sat there thinking "How much is that?!" and it's definitely easier said than done. So I will go through it with you: 

1. Makeup bag (obviously... you don't want all your makeup floating around your bag) 
When I say this I do NOT mean the giant one you have in the bathroom... we all have one and its so tempting to just not go through it. I mean a small/ medium sized one which will easily fit in your bag, won't be too heavy, but can fit in all the essentials, this way you won't be tempted to pack more than you need and it will still be able to fit it into your bag! 

2. Foundation or BB/ CC cream
To me, these are makeup essentials and no makeup bag should be without them as they're pretty much the basis of all makeup. But only take one or the other, as you won't need both. Personally, if i'm going somewhere hot, I don't want heavy coverage so I would normally opt for a BB or CC cream. But as it is Paris, I am more likely to float towards taking my trusty foundation, just to give me that more even look. 

3. Mascara
Again, I feel this is essential and can easily take you from day to night with a couple of extra layers. But like the foundation, you only need one. If you're like me you will probably have three or four, which do different things (apparently). But considering we're trying to minimize our weight- only one, so take the one you use the most. 

4. Eyebrow powder/ pencil
Now,I wouldn't say this is a "must have", but I, personally, always have some form of brow powder or pencil as i just like to be able to make my eyebrows look that little bit fuller. But if you don't normally wear it, don't worry about this- you will have extra space! The one I'm most likely to take will be Benefit's new and improved Gimme Brow. You have all probably heard me harp on about it, so I won't bore you too much with it. But if you fancy hearing more about it then go check out my "Everyday Makeup" post. 

5. Lipstick
This is another optional one, but I'm just such a lipstick fan and always need one in my makeup bag, sort of like a safety blanket. I would say take two, three max.. One for day time, so a nude or light pink of some sort, and one or two for the evenings. I would suggest colours that would go with the majority of your outfits. 

6. Sun cream
Depending on your destination, and the time of year you're going, I would say take sun cream. Annoyingly, if you're taking carry on, like me, then you will have to either find a bottle that is 100mls or less, or just buy it after you have gone through customs- I am likely to do the latter. As always, please be sensible in the sun and try and avoid midday if you're in a hot, sunny country! x

Some other bits you may want to take could be a blush or bronzer and eyeliner. Personally, I would only take one of each, so the ones I use most, just to save space. I am likely to take my Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick as I just seem to use it SO much. I am also likely to take some form of power, most likely my "Matter Maker" by Maybelline as it just gives a really nice finish. When it comes to brushes I won't take them all with me, so I'll only take my expert face brush, blusher brush and Kabuki, as these are my most used. 
Then obviously you need your standard toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup remover, moisturiser etc. But make sure that it is all within the 100ml limit if, like me you are taking carry on!  

Hopefully this has made packing your makeup for a long weekend a bit easier, stay tuned for a what to pack and plane essentials post. 
As always, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think. Also, I'd love to hear any ideas you have and to hear about your travels. 
Have a lovely time x


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