Summer Beauty Haul

So, if you haven't guessed by my last post and a few photos that are up on my Instagram, me and a the gorgeous Ellie, went for a little shop before meeting another girlfriend and heading off for our pamper session. If you haven't read about that yet, a post is up called "A treat with Jo Malone", so go check it out if you fancy hearing all about it. 

I think it's very safe to say that we both got a fair few nice new things, especially in the beauty department! 
First up is this gorgeous Ted Baker makeup bag, which was a gift from Ellie, isn't she adorable? I am so in love with the colours and the design and it is already home to my favorite bits of makeup, so thank you Ellie! 

I am so excited about the next two. I have finally got my hands on a couple of Zoella's new beauty range, "Sweet Inspirations"- SO HAPPY! I got the body Creme and "Le Fizz", both of which smell incredible. I also really love the packaging of the whole range, the whole Art Deco, pastel colours sort of thing is too adorable. 

Although I haven't tried Le Fizz yet, I have tried the body creme and trust me, it will leave your skin feeling super soft with a delicate, sweet macaroon scent. Obviously, this probably isn't up your street if you're not a big an of sweet scents, but I am super happy with it and can't wait to get more of the range, especially the bath latte and the bath salts!

While still in Superdrug, the Barry M counter caught my eye, especially the Coconut Infusions nail paint. I have heard such good things about this range, and had recently tried their Mani Mask and loved it, so thought I would treat myself to one of this new range. 

As you probably know already, I love coconut. And to find out that coconut water and oil has been put into a nail varnish, making it super nourishing for your nails I just had to get it. I got it in the shade "Skinny Dip", as i thought I would go for a neutral colour while I tested it out to see if I liked it- I do and will be going back to have a look at some of the more adventurous colours. 

Naturally, as the day went on, we found ourselves wondering to Lush, as one does. I couldn't go in without getting my absolute favorite bubble bar, The Comforter. It seriously does what it say on the tin, it makes one of the most relaxing baths ever. All you have to do, if you have never tried one of their bubble bars before, is crumble a small piece of the bar into the bath and it creates the most amazing bubbles and smell ever. Find it so relaxing having a comforter bath after a long, hard day. If you're not a big fan of cassis or blackcurrant then you're probably not going to like this as these are the main sort of scents. In saying that, I'm not a big blackcurrant fan but seriously like The Comforter.  

Lastly, I got a little tester of Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara. I've hear really good things about this mascara but wanted to test it out before I committed to paying £19.95, So thankfully Benefit does little testers of a lot of their products (there's a whole separate post about the last time I got Benefit minis, go check it out!) so I was really pleased to see that they had roller lash. I haven't tried it yet, but I will keep you all updated as to what I think about both this and all the other products mentioned! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my little haul, and please let me know if there are any products you would recommend. Always looking for new things to try! x


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