Top 5 Summer wardrobe staples

Even though I was born in the midst of Winter, I would most definitely classify myslef as a Summer baby at heart. I love the sun, the warmth and really feel I should have been born somewhere a lot sunnier than England. 

But i think it's safe to say that Summer is well and truly here in the UK, the sun is out and so are the BBQs. So, in light of that, I though it would be nice to talk you through my top summer wardrobe staples, the pieces of clothing I can't be without during this season. 

1.) Anything white! 
Be it white jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses- I love white. I especially feel that it's a summer colour, or shade, as I feel it really pops when you have a tan. I tend to wear my white jeans a lot, purely because England can be unpredictable and I don't trust the weather and shorts! But when I'm away I love wearing white shirts on the beach over my bikini, makes me feel really chic and looks super cute paired with a big sun hat, while making sure that my little shoulders don't burn (as I quite easily do!). 

2.) Cami tops
I would classify cami tops as a must have in any wardrobe, they are such great pieces of clothing to have. You can dress them up and down and are nice as they keep you cool for the summer (nice little Demi quote for you!) without compromising style. I obviously have the staple colours- white and black, (I really do wear a lot of black...) but I also like being able to bring in a nice bit of colour during this time too! So I have a bright green and gorgeous bright red/ pink cami, both from River Island. They're made of Chiffon which means that it isn't a heavy fabric and allows your skin to breathe! 

3.) Sandals 
In my mind, it isn't Summer until the sandals have been brought out. I'm not a big fan of flipflops, purely because I can't walk in them, but feel that they're useful to have for walking round the pool while on holiday. 
Be it high heels or flats, Sandals bring a really cool, summery vibe to any outfit. Normally my go to colour (can you guess it?) is black (surprise, surprise). The reason being is that it will go with almost any colour/ outfit. 

4.) The Sundress and skirts 
Being fairly tall (at 5ft 8") I have to be careful when it comes to sundresses, just in case it ends up too short (those of you who are a bit shorter are lucky and can get away with this)! But like with the cami tops, I feel that these are really useful pieces to have in your wardrobe as you can dress them up or down. You can easily chuck one on when you're in a hurry and yet still look like you've made an effort. 

Similar to the sundress, a must have for summer! I never used to be a fan of skirts, but I've recently got into them and love how there's literally a skirt to fit every style and occasion, so would definitely suggest investing in one for these lovely warm summer evenings. Be it a skater skirt (if you're one of the lucky ones who they suit- they really don't suit me and my legs) or a denim mini skirt, a midi skirt, a body-con skirt- the choices and possibilities are endless and there's one to fit every body type and style. They're just such a cute way of showing some leg and keeping cool during these hot months. 

5.) The sun hat
Whether you like big, bold floppy hats, baseball caps or something in between- a hat is a must have for Summer. Not only does it give you that extra summery vibe, but it's vital in making sure you're well protected from the sun and its nasty UVA and UVB rays. If you haven't gaged from my skincare post- I try super hard to look after my skin, so I can't go away on holiday without some for of hat. Try and have fun with it, go find a hat you REALLY like and you feel you'll wear. I know that not everyone is a hat person- I wouldn't really call myself a hat person, but i would highly reccommend finding one you like for the coming months to protect your beautiful little head and face from the sun! 

There we have it! A few of my must have wardrobe staples for this time of year. Let me know what you think and, as always, please feel free to let me know if there's anything in particular you want or let me know what's in your SS16 wardrobe! x


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