Gimme Brow and Goof Proof review

I love Benefit. I seriously do. And when I heard that they were re-vamping their brow products I was SO excited. Obviously though, I always like to try out their products before I full commit, as they are on the more expensive side of make up. 

When magazines such as Elle and Glamour started including testers in their magazines, I think it's safe to say I went a bit OTT. In saying that, I am really grateful that they have as it means I can test them out and see which ones I like most.

Now, as many of you are probably aware, due to my Instagram, I got Goof Proof a while ago and went crazy for it. I love everything about it, from the cute packaging to the amazing product itself. I have very dark hair and eyebrows, so I was able to find one in shade 5. This shade is so perfect for me, it matches natural colour so well. I often find it hard to find eyebrow products that match my colour that closely- so well done benefit! 
What I also love about this product is that it can be so precise. the shape of the pencil is made so there is a sharp end for detail and a thicker part to shade in. 

Next off is Gimme Brow. One again I am in love (this seems to happen a lot...). If I was to choose between the two, I would say this is my favourite and the one I would be more likely to use. The reason being is that it gives my brows such an amazing amount of volume and makes them look really full. Sometimes I find my brows get a bit patchy, and a pencil product doesn't always fix this as well as I might hope. But Gimme brow is fantastic for this. Once again I got this in shade 5, and again this is the perfect shade for me. 

On the down side, it can be a bit hard to be precise with the brush, as it can smudge fairly easily when wet. But I am willing to overlook this, and will probably learn how to get around this with more use. I will most likely be going to get the full size of this! 

I have to admit, I have always been a big fan of Benefit and their products, and these two are no exception. I would highly recommend trying these out (if you still can) as there is a product for everyone and their different brow needs. ( And, plus, they look so cute in your makeup bag- in love with the packaging). Well done Benefit x


As always,these are my own opinions and I was not asked nor paid to write about these products. x


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