Green Juice drinking yoga bunny wanna be

Those who know me well (my friends and family) will tell you that I love food. I mean seriously love food. Yet, at the same time I like to take care of my body, and make sure that it's getting all the goodness that it needs. 

When it comes to exercise, I have never been one for running, and probably never will. I find I get bored very easily, and it isn't too good for my knees as I had an accident a few years ago. Neither am I that fond of going to the gym for a solid hour/ hour and a half work out. 

Over the past year or so, I have discovered and fallen in love with yoga and Pilates. As the title may suggest, some may call me a Yoga Bunny wanna be, myself included. I don't see myself being one of those gorgeous models or fitness bloggers who just seem to have the effortless look down to a T, neither would I call myself the most graceful person, but I have found that this is a form of exercise I really enjoy.
Not only do I find that it gets my heart rate going (as exercise should) and tone my muscles in a gentle manner but it is relaxing and calming after a long day at work and my sleeping patterns have really improved since starting. This is really good, especially during exam season as I find I often find it hard to sleep. 

Me and my gorgeous friend, Ellie (from Petiteelliee- who I am sure you all know very well by now!) went and did a bit of a shoot day, part of which we did a bit of yoga! We had so much fun trying out new moves and sharing ideas with eachother, so enjoy the somewhat amusing outcome! 




Excuse the concentration faces *face palm*. Let me know if you have any fun or interesting ways of exercising! And let me know if you know of any good yoga clothing brands, I need to invest in some! 

Tops- Nike and LA Gear 
Leggings - Nike and Karimore 
Shoes- Nike


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