My Daily Facial Skincare Routine

If you haven't guessed yet, I am super into taking care of my skin as I know that if I look after it, it will look after me!
While in your teenage/ young adult years, you form the habits that will stick with you for life, and this includes your skincare habits. If you're 12/13, and just starting to figure out what sort of routine you want, or are 18,19,20, and still trying to figure out what works for you- then do not worry!
I thought I would talk you all through what my day-to-day routine is, just to give some ideas of what you could do. This is by no means me telling you what you have to do, but I just thought it would be good to write this to give some guidance for those who need it.

First off, I always wash my face twice a day- once in the morning and once at night. Both of these are important as they give you a clean base to work with in the morning and make sure you go to bed with little or no dirt on your face. 
I make sure I was it with warm (not hot or cold) water. 

Warm water is the best to wash your face with as it opens up your pores, which they allows you to get a deep clean. Don't use water unless you have to as this scorches your skin and leads to it getting dry and irritated and cold water just doesn't do much. I do, however, splash my face with cool water once I have finished cleansing and used my toner or micellar water, as this closes the pores back up and catches any dirt that didn't come off during your first cleanse.  

Once I have cleansed my face, be it standard face wash or exfoliating (which I do two to three times a week- all over, not just my face!) I moisturise. I use a day cream after my morning cleanse and a deep, nourishing moisturiser in the evenings, as I get dry skin very easily. For day cream, I love Nivea's Light Moisturising Day cream, as it leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated, and it doesn't just sit on my face or feel greasy as some do. For my other moisturiser I use Simple's Protecting Light Moisturiser. Both have SPF15 in it, which is always a must for me when looking for a moisturiser. 

I always got told it's never too early to start using anti-ageing products. It's actually very good to get into the habit while you're young (obviously don't start if you 12, 13, 14. But 18 and above should be a good time!). You don't have to go out and splash the cash at this age, just go and find a moisturiser or lotions/oils with anti-ageing properties and use that two to three times a week. 
I love the Yes To Blueberries range, as they use natural ingredients and the whole range works very well. I have used both the face wipes and the moisturiser in the past and both do very well.  

Normally, I am one to say don't spend the money if you don't have to. But, when it comes to skincare, and things I am going to put directly on my face, I will say that I am more than happy to spend money on it, if it means that it is good for my skin. Be careful with skincare products, make sure you do your research as to what is best for your skin type. Different products are normally aimed at people with different "problem areas", such as dry skin, oily, blemish prone skin- so make sure you go find out what is best for you, it's worth putting the time into. And, hopefully, by talking you through my daily routine it has helped you get a better idea for what to do for your own! x

My go to products:
Face wipes- Yes to Blueberries or Yes to Coconut 


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