The Graphic Tee | Outfit of the day

Graphic tees seem to be literally everywhere at the moment, and everyone seems to be loving the,- myself included. When I saw this one in H&M a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have it...  
The Pineapple is just too cute for words (and we all know how much I love pineapples...). I thought that it looks cute paired with some jeans and slip ons, as it creates a really cute, chilled look. Perfect for causal days out shopping and for coffee (obviously). I love how it seems like such a summery t-shirt, for some reason I associate pineapples with summer...I can totally see myself wearing this top while away on holiday later on in summer paired with a big sun hat and some cute shorts and sandals! 

I got these lovely jeans in Zara while away in Paris (if you haven't heard about that trip yet, there is an edit all about it- so go check it out!). They're slightly high wasted, which I love, and they fit really nicely, which is always good. 

My black slip-ons are my go to shoe- I love them so much. They're so comfortable and can go with some many outfits, so a very good buy. I'm very tempted to go and get them in white too... 


Top- H&M 
Jeans- Zara 
Shoes- New Look 
Sunglasses- Primark  

As always, I have not been paid or asked to promote these products and all opinions are both mine and honest. x 


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