Fragrance by Me

I am such a huge perfume lover, and I find shopping for perfume such a personal thing. So when I was contacted by the lovely lot over at Fragrance By Me about their personalised perfume, I was SO excited. 

The wonderful thing about this company is that you can make your own perfume! How cool is that!? What you do is; first, choose your three most worn or favourite perfumes that you own (they have a database of loads of perfumes from so many different brands). They then very cleverly choose the three signature notes in those perfumes. From this list, they will also add in a few different notes for you to choose from. After you have picked those, you can then choose your own base notes. 

Their very clever perfumers will then create your three testers for you: 1 that is made of the notes you personally picked, and then the other two will be similar ones, but made up of notes they think you may like! 
And the best bit? It's ALL on-line! its so quick and simple, and the testers come seriously quickly (and the packaging is too cute for words). 
If you find you fall in love with one of the testers, you can then order a full bottle of your own, bespoke perfume! 

The only downside I would say is that the bottles are quite hard to open, but I am more than willing to over look this, due to the excitement of making my own, personal perfume! 

If you fancy playing around with it and giving it a go, you can create your own three testers at 
Enjoy my loves, I look forward to hearing all about your testers! x

Although I was sent these products, all opinions are completely honest and are my own. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me. I also want to say a HUGE thank you to the lovely lot at Fragrance By Me for sending me these testers xx


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