What's new in skincare?

Right, when I say "what's new in skincare", I mean what is new to me- these are various products I have recently come across and those that seem to have found their way home with me! 

I recently did a little order through Space NK, they had a sale on! And I saw this lovely Kit from Ren. Ren is definitely your middle to higher end when it comes to the skincare spectrum, but this little kit was only £12 in the Space NK sale (RRP £20) so I thought I would just test it out to see if the brand was worth the big price tag. This little kit comes with almost everything you could want: a cleansing gel, 1 minute facial, moisturiser, glycolactic mask and eye cream. Although they do come in VERY small bottles, I have been using it nearly every other day for about two weeks and am only starting to see some difference in the bottle. 

The Pros with this little kit is that it has allowed me to try out a fair few of the products, without breaking the bank, and allow me to think about whether or not I would want to splash the cash on the full sized products. If I was to, I would go with the moisturiser. The reason being is that not only does it smell lovely (like roses) but it does a very good job at keeping my dry, oil, combination skin looking even. 

Don't get me wrong, I am very fond of the other products in the pack. The two masks are very good, and get to work quickly. BUT, the downside for me is that they both smell like very concentrated orange squash, and it is a bit overpowering for me. 

I'm not too fond on the cleansing gel, as it isn't really a gel. It's a lot more runny than i was expecting, and it doesn't lather as well as one would hope (or look forward to, in my case) when it comes to comparing it to other cleansers. 

I have also very recently (and by very, I mean, like today sort of new!) got Garnier's much awaited, new micellar water. I have only tried it out once, but I can tell you that it: 1) smells absolutely incredible, and 2) melts away make-up so easily. I often wear water proof mascara (hayfever and laughter cause my eye to cry a lot!) so I am so delighted to have finally found a product that doesn't make my eyes sore when it comes to taking off my mascara. Well Done Garnier! This is bound to make it into a favourites post at some point, so watch this space. 

I have also got a new facial wash. Although I am normally pretty boring with my skincare and stick to the same old, same old, I saw Nivea's Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and thought I'd give it a go. Again, I have only used this once so far (as it is pretty much brand new), but I can say, with some confidence, that I really like it. I like that it doesn't give me that tight feeling some cleansers give, but still leaves my skin feeling refreshed. 

I hope that these little reviews have been useful, and as always,I was not asked nor paid to write about these products and all opinions are mine and honest. Please let me know of any new skincare bits you're using and loving! x 


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