Let's talk about men...

Now, ladies and gents, please don't be put off by the title. I want to talk about Men's skincare! I really don't think this is spoken about enough. 

I feel like most ladies (and some gents) have their skincare regime down to a T, and know the importance of looking after their skin. Now, I don't want to be sterio-typical, so if you are one of those men out there who are with us on that- well done. But, a fair few men, don't do anything. Both my dad and my boyfriend used to be in this category. And they aren't aware as to how important it is to take good care of their skin. Maybe it's up to us to lead the way...?

We have all lived with, or will live with, a man in our lifetimes I am sure. Be it your boyfriend, your husband, your father, your brother... And yet, they think splashing water on their face counts as washing it. I am afraid it doesn't my friends! Now, I am not expecting them to spend 15/20 minutes or however long a day doing it, but I feel they need to be turned into the direction of the basics- primarily exfoliating and moisturising.

Now, don't expect them to be into it straight away, it took me at least a month to get my boyfriend to actually open the bottle of exfoliator. It will take time. But with baby steps, I promise you they won't turn back. They very quickly see a difference, my dad has now admitted that all three are now perfectly slotted into his morning routine, and my boyfriend has now finally admitted that his skin does look so much better for it. 

Men's skin is supposed to be a little bit different to us ladies', many won't need to wash their faces morning and night as they don't use as many products (I am generalising here!). Therefore, exfoliating two to three times a week should do them well, along with daily moisturising. 

Now that it's coming closer to Christmas, sort of... All of the Christmas gift sets are starting to make their way out, and you can get some really lovely Men's Skincare bundles for a very good price. Brands such as Bull Dog and Rock face are really very good (plus, the name always goes down well)! So maybe try giving one of the men in your life a little skincare kick start by going out and getting them a couple of bits, I am sure they will thank you for it. Maybe not straight away, but later on down the road! 

I know that this post was a little bit different, so let me know what you thought and whether you would like me to do more like this (just leave in the comments below)! x


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