The First Month | Uni Life

So you've survived freshers and are now well and truly integrated into uni life. A lot of changes have taken place, and you're most likely to start to find your rhythm and have a bit of a routine going on. But, there are probably a few things you are yet to encounter, or are about to.

Yes, that's right, you would have either done your first load of washing, or have tried to put it off for as long as possible. The best advice I can give is to keep on top of it. If you don't, you'll find that you have one pair of pants left and will start panic washing, which is when accidents happen and you end up with an orange sock in with your white... you can see where that's headed! I would also suggest, if you plan to mix washes- go for a low temperature! this will help with the "not making your towels a new colour" sort of situation. And if in doubt, ask for help! There is bound to be someone in your flat that can help you in some way, if not- facetime your parents!


Now, this is likely to  go one of two ways: you will either cook very regularly and enjoy doing so, most likely pasta and chillie, or you will end up eating pot noodle everyday, for every meal. Now, although you may love pot noodle- funnily enough, you can't live off of them. Nor can you live off eating six crumpets for your dinner (yes, all of which have happened in my house so far)! I know to some of you cooking may be something you really enjoy and look forward to it; there will also be some of you who feel like you want to shrivel up like an old peach when you hear the words "cooking for yourself, everyday", but you will need to. It is such an important life lesson. I would highly recommend the book "NOSH for students", very easy to find on Amazon, and is very easy and simple to follow. I would also really recommend making a weekly meal plan. This will help you when shopping, and budgeting as it'll mean you only buy what you need, and will make sure that you eat well. And if like me you like to bake, maybe bring along a baking book (or two...). Making cakes and sharing them with your flatmates is a great way to break the ice in the first few weeks, and will make you very popular! which brings me on to..

Moving and housemates
For many of you, you are likely to be moving away to go to university. Be it down the road to halls, or a new city or even, for some of you, maybe a completely different country?! This was, personally, the weirdest and hardest thing to get used to in the first month. I have never moved house, let alone city, so the idea was both very exciting and daunting. Many do find this overwhelming within your first month away, this is perfectly normal. I have found that talking to both my family and housemates regularly has helped me feel better. 
When it comes to housemates, remember that they're likely to be feeling the same way as you- you're all in the same boat! so don't be the one to shut yourself away in your room all day, go and try and talk to them and get to know them. Remember, you're going to be living with them for the next year and you may even end up moving in with them in your second or third year (if you decide to move out of halls)!

Your Room
One thing I have really enjoyed over the past month is making my uni room look cosy and homely. I would strongly recommend printing off some photos to post up round your room, and maybe even add a couple of cushions and blankets! Blankets are great, not only do they make your room look really cute and cosy, but it helps to keep you warm at night when the temperature drops in winter (as student accommodation isn't always THAT well insulated).  

Now I know I haven't covered everything you will come across in your first month, but hopefully what I have talked about has helped, or will help for when it comes around for you. These have been the biggest points, for me, to get used to in my first month- so I hope you feel a little less anxious and remember to have fun! x


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