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Now the Ride or die tags have been going round blogs and Youtube for several months now, and I have mentioned in a couple of posts in the past that there are some products that I just can't be without. So, I thought that I would merge my "Ride or Die" products, with ones I feel everyone needs, especially when starting out. 

A few of you reading may be just starting out in makeup, and feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice that is out there, while some of you may already have a good grounding when it comes to makeup (but may read this anyway because you want to try out some new products). 

In my mind, everyone needs a base. Be it a BB or CC cream, if you're still quite young, or a foundation. I have two for foundation (sadly I don't have a BB cream that i just LOVE, but I'm open to suggestions)! First is a drugstore one, by Maybelline and is their Fit Me! Matte+Poreless for normal to oily skin. Now, obviously if you have dry skin, this is likely to dry it out even further, but I just really didn't get along with their Fit Me! Dewy+Smooth foundation as it made me look so incredibly oily and shiny, but it may work wonders for you if you have dry skin. 
What I love about the Matte+Poreless foundation is that it has very good coverage and creates such a lovely smooth base (just make sure you pay close attention to the colouring as mine is a bit too dark for me)!

My next foundation is a bit more expensive, and often has mixed reviews. For me, my MAC Studio Fix Foundation is just the bomb. Many in the past have complained that it latches onto dry skin and is hard to blend, but I have had little to no problem with it, as long as I make sure I have moisturised well before hand, it blends very well and the coverage is just amazing. 

The next must have in my mind in concealer and powder. Both of these are drugstore, and are so super accessible. For concealer I always use the Collection Lasting Perfection 16 hour wear concealer. Yes, it's a huge mouthful to say! I know that there is a lot of hype around this product, and I didn't cave until fairly recently but has become one of my staples and I can't imagine my makeup bag without it. If you want a full coverage concealer, which is what I think MOST want, then this should be on the top of your to get list. It's so easy to blend out (and doesn't blend out to nothing) and stays for such a good amount of time. What I would say though is that powder works wonders with it, which brings me on to...

Powder. Although there are some awesome, high-end powders out there, for some reason I always find myself going back to Maybelline's Matte Maker. I just love that it keeps my makeup in place, and soaks up any excess oil there may be. This is definitely a good thing as I only have to spend around £5 on this, rather than £25, which is what some higher end powders are- and yet, they seem to do the same thing? If you're just starting out I would seriously recommend trying this powder out (just remember to get it in translucent). 

The next may not be much of surprise to any of you, as I will not stop going on about it- sorry in advance! But its the Loreal Paris Volume Millions Lash Mascara. It is a-may-zing. It is one of the few mascaras I have found that doesn't make my eyelashes clump together and it makes them look so lovely and long. What is not to like?! So this is definitely my ride or die mascara- it will be pretty hard to find one I like more. I will say I don't like the waterproof version though, as I find it very thick and hard to use. That may just be me...

My last thing is extremely in expensive, but I don't know what I would do without it- Vaseline. It's just a little tub of miracles. Not only is it great to help soothe dry lips, but is great for dry skin and helping to make sure that products such as fake tan don't stick to your eyebrows or hairline. My favourite way to use it is to smother my lips in a very thick coat over night, which acts as an intensive hydrating mask. I keep it interesting by having three different types! 

Now, although these are mainly my drugstore 'Ride or Die' products, I do this so it was easy for everyone to give them a go. I have left out some products, as they are expensive and I didn't want to put off those who are just starting out with intimidating prices! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my makeup must haves, and, as always I love to hear what you think! x


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