September Favourites

I know I post my favorites post, what seems to be halfway through the next, but it has been a super busy month- it has to be said! Every time I it and write these posts, I can never get over how quickly the months go by!
Anyway, let's get into what I have been loving in the month of September.
I truly do not know where I would be without my pineapple diary. And how has it taken me this long to put it into a favorites!? I guess it's helped me the most through September as there was so many dates to try to organize, that I don't think I fully appreciated it until now. Plus, it is just the cutest thing ever- who doesn't love a good pineapple! I am a diary person through and through, I need them to help me stay organised but this is such a cute way to stay on track. 

When it comes to fragrances, I have felt that I have been wearing Chloe Roses NON-STOP. I love this perfume SO much. It's just so pretty and girly and yummy! yet, it is subtle and gentle and isn't too in your face (because no one wants to be chocking on their perfume, do they).

In the makeup department, there has been little that is new to me, or has stood out to me in particular. Apart from my Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette. It has very quickly become one of my favorite products I have ever owned. And that's a big statement to make. Firstly, it actually smells like chocolate- being a chocoholic, this is half the fun. I also just love how pigmented the shadows are and how easy they are to blend. They're literally just a dream to work with. The only downfall is the huge price tag! But I think I can overlook this slightly, because apart from that- what's not to love!?

I have to admit, there is one other little makeup piece I have been loving... Mac's Soft and Gentle. I know loads of people complain about it not being that much of a standout highlight, but come on, what did you expect by the name! And to be frank, that's half the reason I love it. It's there perfect everyday highlight (fall out being ignored). There's so much product as well that I can very happily overlook any flaws there may be- but if you want a "sunglasses needed" sort of highlight, don't get this, you may be a bit disappointed.  

I'm not sure what category this should lie under, but I have rediscovered my love for Zoella's wonder Hand moisturising hand cream. I go through hand cream like there is no tomorrow during the cold months, my hands seem to soak up the stuff! So I find it hard to find tubes that have lasting effects and ones in BIG bottles (they always come in the ting tubes that only ever seem to last me a couple of weeks- you think I'm joking)! It's around £4 or so in drugstores and on line- this is an amazing price for the size of the tube. I know I'm rambling on about it- but it's so worth it if you're a hand cream junkie like me! And considering I am easily paying a similar price for a tiny Body Shop one, I am very happy I have this. 

The next may seem like a bit of an odd one to include in my monthly favorites but it's my adorable print from Coconut Lane, as part of their new range of Disney prints, you may have seen it on my Instagram. I saw this Finding Nemo one and just fell in love as I felt it was just such good life advice- "Just keep swimming". How cute is that!? Makes me happy and helps keep me motivated if I ever have a down day, we all have those sometimes. Just need to find an equally cute frame to stick it in! 

Lastly, but by no means least, is yet another odd one. It is the Lotus Biscof biscuit spread. I know, it sounds weird. But it is amazing. I can't explain to you how yummy it is. I tried to explain how yummy it was to a few of my flatmates at uni, all were sceptical, Until they tried it. It lead to one of them going out at 10pm on a Tuesday night to go and find some! So if you haven't tried any yet- trust me and go get some. You can thank me later!

I know this has been a bit of an odd favorites this month, but I hope you have enjoyed! If you want to go check out Coconut Lane's cute Disney prints, you can get 20% off using my code "thatsjustemily20". Have a lovely week sweets! x 


  1. I really like Soft & Gentle because like you said, it's not exactly a KAPOW one, but instead its more an everyday glow which I really like! The Chloe perfume is my all time signature scent, I wear it nearly everyday and always need a new bottle every Christmas it's so feminine without being overly 'young girly' smelling too! xx


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