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Now, some of you may or may not come out of freshers feeling, well, fresh! To say the least. And let me tell you, Freshers Flu is real people! So I thought that it might be a bit helpful to give you a heads up, and create a little survival guide in case you are unlucky enough to get it- sadly we all seem to get it to some degree at some point. 

First off you should be packing anyway- paracetamol and ibuprofen. Both are very good to take if you're feeling achy, icky and generally a bit blah. What falls under this category, and some of you may cringe, is Lemsip (or any other form of cold and flu tablets/ drinks). Although they are not nice to take, they are extremely good at what they do. The caffeine will also come in handy if you feel yucky but have a 9am lecture and are struggling to get up at 7:30am. 

Hayfever tablets are very useful to have. Although we all associate them with allergies and hayfever, the antihistamine in them is very good at drying up your nose (I know, ew, but you will thank me when you have a cold!). A tub of Vic Rub or Olbus Oil is also handy to have at hand during freshers flu, as it will help open up your airways, and is especially useful when sleeping as the smell is soothing.  

Because you may not be having the best diet, you may want to have some vitamins. Especially vitamin C, or a pack specializing in Immune system support. You can also help yourself by making sure you're eating lots of citrus fruits and juices. Failing that, go grab a pack of multi-vitamins to try help make sure your body is getting everything that it needs.

One of the most important ones, and one which is free, is rest and sleep. Although you will have work to do and will need to go to class, make sure to get a good nights sleep- this means not going to bed at 2 in the morning because you got carried away with Netflix or Youtube- I know that will be crossing your mind! 

If you're finding it harder to sleep, maybe make yourself a hot water bottle. I am a huge hot water bottle fan, and have found that the warm heat has always helped me to nod off when I'm ill. So one of these should definitely be on your list of things to get if you haven't got one already! 

I hope that this has been a little helpful for if and when you get freshers flu, or any other type of cold type thing. I hope you're freshers is good despite being ill! x


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