What's In My Bag?

I don't know about you, but I love reading and watching 'What's  in my bag' posts and videos. Perhaps it's a little bit of nosiness, along with the hope that I may get an idea of something else that is useful to keep in my bag that I hadn't thought of before. 
Since I have recently got a new bag (I have had the other for years), I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you what is in it! 

The bag is from the designer John & Mary, I hadn't heard of them before but I can safely say that their bags are beautiful and are such good quality. I will admit, I was given it by a company called Leni's Models (I won it in one of their recent competitions, I still can't get over that). So I just want to say a quick thank you to both companies! 

Right, what is actually in my bag then? 

First one is pretty important- my purse. And yes, it is big! I seem to have a lot to carry, yet I always use the same cards. Maybe I need to invest in a credit card holder...? Anyway, it has been well loved, for many years, but I am thinking that it's maybe time to upgrade. 

Next is hand cream and Vaseline. In my mind, both of these are a total MUST HAVE in your bag during this time of year. If, like me, you suffer from dry hands and chapped lips, you really don't want to go out without these. I normally have Zoella's tube of Wonder Hand, mainly because of the size (and the smell...), it's so big which means I am unlikely to have one of those panic moments when you forget you've run out! I used to use the Body Shop ones a lot, but have learnt that I go through them too quickly to justify £4 for a tiny tube, once every couple of weeks. 

I guess the next few aren't exactly 'necessities', but are things I don't really want to leave the house with: lipstick, perfume and powder. For me, lipstick is one of those products I love to have to hand, for those moments I need to look more put together but am in a rush. Although I normally try to rotate which ones are in my bag, at the moment it seems to be Tanya Burr's Pink Cocoa and Mac's Velvet teddy. These two are just such great autumnal shades, but aren't high maintenance and are easy to apply without a mirror. 

I always love to have a little bottle of perfume in my bag, just so I can freshen up before meetings or while on the go. At the moment I have one of Zoella's little bottles (from her Secret Scenta set) as they're the perfect size to slot into your bag. Normally I have her Sweet Inspirations, but have switched to her Blissful Mistful body mist (maybe a little part of me wanted to coordinate my hand cream and perfume, is that sad?)  

Along with all of that I keep a powder on me, for when I have one of those dyer oily days, and my face needs a touch up during the day. I also make sure I have a sponge or brush, otherwise it could get interesting trying to put powder on without it!

Lastly, I keep all my necessities, such as my keys and ID (housed in my handy card holder, but this one is not big enough to keep all my other cards), and painkillers and tissues etc. They are always useful to have, particularly during cold and flu season! 

So, there we have it! That is all that is in my bag at the moment. I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, please let me know what you keep in your bags! (I always like to get new ideas for storage) x


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