Get to know me | Q&A

I think I've been running this blog long enough now to start doing Q&As, and asked you all to send me any questions you would like me to answer or talk about- thank you to all of you for sending them in!

First off, let's start with the basics: My name is Emily (obviously) and I am from England! I am 18, going on 19 in January and I like to consider myself a dog loving, pineapple eating, chocaholic!

One question I am starting to be asked quite a lot by a fair few of you is "if/ when are you going to start a youtube channel"? I won't lie, this has crossed my mind before but I didn't know you were all THAT into me doing one! I don't think it will be this year (purely because I don't have the camera or lighting for it) but it is definitely something I am starting to seriously consider. If you think this would be something you would be interested in me starting- let me know either on Instagram or in the comments below. 

Another question that I've been asked a couple of times now is "what do you do when you're feeling uninspired"? and "How do you deal with any negativity you get?". I won't go into too much depth now, as I think that these are both such good and relevant questions that I could do (and am likely to do) an entire post on them alone! But, to give an answer to tide you over until that post I would say that I find talking to my friends and family extremely helpful. I am one of those people who truly believes that talking is highly underrated and is really helpful when I'm feeling a little low. I am also one of those people who has learnt not to take too much notice of those who are trying to drag you down as, more often than not, it is because they're jealous or have nothing better to do. In any case, kill them with kindness and never sink down to their level. They're not worth you energy my loves!  

One question that I found surprisingly hard was "How's your day-to-day makeup different to your evening/ night-time makeup?" I would normally say that I keep my everyday looks simple and low maintenance, purely because I don't always have that much time in the mornings to spend that long on it. So, it's normally a simple eye look with a simple, nude lip. When it comes to nighttime looks, since I have the time to have a play around, it will normally lead to a smokey eye or a fun bright lip! I often will also take the extra time to contour a bit, as I don't tend to do this for a day look. 

A few of you have also asked me a couple of times now "How do you like to stay in shape?" I will be totally honest, I don't like running. I have a feeling that I've mentioned this in a previous post but it is true. I would definitely say that I don't think I would do as much exercise as I do if it weren't for classes. I try to go to a yoga and Zumba class once a week, purely because they both work my body but, because I am being spurred on and am enjoying myself I'm not fully aware of just how much work I have done until I finish. I won't lie, I do go to the gym once to twice a week, but this is mainly for muscle work to help tone up! 

Now, my last is probably my favourite and it is "What makes you happiest?". As cheesy as it sounds it is my family. I am hands down a family girl and class myself as very lucky to be as close to my family as I am. This is probably why Christmas is my favourite time of year as it means that it's a time where I can be solely with those who I love most. I've always valued my family a huge amount, but since moving away to go to university, I have started to value the small everyday things they do for me even more than I did. 

I know this has been a very long post, but I hope you have enjoyed it! As always, please feel free to let me know what you think and if you enjoyed it be sure to tell me so I know to do another! x


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