It's all about the brows

Over the past year to 18 months, everyone has been paying their eyebrows a lot more attention- and boy am I happy about that! I have always had big, thick eyebrows since I was very little, but I am so happy big brows are now a thing as I feel they help to frame your face. 
I will admit, having big, dark eyebrows does take a lot of maintenance, but I am more than happy to do this as they help to bring together any and all makeup looks. And I don't see this trend going anywhere any time soon. 

I thought I would write a little post focusing on how I look after my brows and what I like to use to achieve that full look.

Firstly, let's talk about shaping. There are a lot of different ways you can keep your brows looking nice and tidy: waxing, threading, plucking. Personally, my preference lies with threading. This is an eastern technique where they use a piece of cotton thread to essentially pluck out any unwanted hair. I love this because its so precise and I am never disappointed with the results. But, at around £8 a pop, this isn't friendly to a student budget, so I have taken to plucking them, as and when they need it. Because I have threaded them for a while, I can just trace where my beautician used to thread them.  If you're looking for a clean finish, I would highly recommend getting them threaded at least once, and then just pluck any strays from then on when they come through- it'll be a lot cheaper! There is also waxing, but I find that this doesn't always look as neat as threading does and they don't often trim your brows. However, this is an entirely personal thing, so if waxing works for you- Yay!

When it comes to filling them in, I am a pencil girl through and through. Most likely because I find it a lot easier to control, and have just not found a powder or pomade I like more than a pencil. In saying that, there have been fibre gels coming out on to the market, like Benefit's Gimme Brow, which are incredible. I like to use these at the end, after filling in with a pencil, as this not only helps to set my brows, but also helps to fill in any gaps there may be, as the fibres stick to your hairs and helps to make them look more full. I use this primarily around the nose end of my brows where it thins out a bit. 

If you asked me a couple of months ago what I use, it would have been Benefit. End of. But since becoming a student, £18 is a bit much for me to be spending on an eyebrow pencil and another £18 on Gimme Brow. So, I have done a lot of searching and have rediscovered my love for Soap and Glory's make up range. Both their Archery Brow Pencil, £8, (which comes with a spooly) and their Archery Volu-Boost fibre gel, £10, do just as well as my benefit bits, considering the price, and add up to be the same amount together as Gimme Brow alone.

I then like to just finish off my brows with a subtle highlight on my brow bone, to emphasise the arch a little and to clean it up a bit with some concealer.  

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I like to look after my brows, feel free to let me know how you look after yours down in the comments! x


  1. Your eyebrows are perfect! Mine never turn out this good haha, I've been trying to find an alternative to Benefit so will definitely try the Soap and Glory pencil. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Aw thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the brow pencil as much as I do! Read your recent post and really enjoyed it. Much love xx

  2. I love the gimmie brow! Though it's stubborn to get off! Love the post x

    1. I love it too, but at least we know it's going to last the day, aha! Thank you sweet, I'm glad you liked it! x


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