Let's Be Frank

A few of you might already know what I'm about to talk about just from the title, the infamous Frank Body scrubs. These scrubs have become HUGE over the past year, with a huge amount of hype to follow them around. 
Since they participated in the Black Friday sale, I thought I would give one of the scrubs a go, since it was now a little bit cheaper. I wanted to know if it was really worth the hype, and whether or not we should all be spending our money on it. 
I have eczema, and one of the pull points on this scrub is that it helps to reduce skin problems such as eczema and acne. My eczema often flairs up quite badly in the winter, as my skin becomes very dry. 
I chose to go with the peppermint scrub because it says it's great for tired muscles, and after being ill for the past week, my muscles were aching a lot. (plus, it was on sale during cyber weekend, so ya know...)

It is so true what it says on the package, it really does smell like after dinner mints, which is great for me because I love them! 

I will always be completely honest with you all, and I hope that you know that. So believe me when I say there is nothing bad I can say about this scrub. At all. It left my skin feeling so incredibly soft and it felt so hydrated. I normally suffer from tight, slightly dry skin after exfoliating but I didn't suffer from this at all with Frank. Another great thing is that you can even use it on your face when you feel in need of a deeper scrub (just be gentle). 

When it comes to the body butter, I will admit it's a lot thicker than I was expecting- not that that's a bad thing. When it comes to Winter, my skin, especially on my legs, gets very dry and this has worked like a dream to ensure that my legs and eczema prone areas are moisturised and hydrated, without feeling greasy. I know you are likely to be sat there thinking, surely she's just saying all this and is following the hype? I promise I'm not and that the only part (about the body cream) that I'm not a big fan of is the smell. It says it smells like vanilla cake icing, but to me, it smells like playdough. Some of you may love playdough, in which case- you'll love this even more than I do! But over all, the two together has got my (dry, flaky) skin looking in amazing condition.

What I love about the brand is that they use natural ingredients that WORK! And they never test on animals, which is very important to me. I will be honest and say that, at the original price, it is expensive as far as scrubs are concerned (for me being on a student budget), but having brought some slightly cheaper, and after realising how much I love the products, I may have to think very hard about re-purchasing! On that, I will be sure to keep you posted.
As far as the hype is concerned, I will be one to join in with the hype as I honestly believe that these products are worth it. x

I have not been asked nor sponsored to write this post and all opinions shared in this post are my completely honest opinions. x


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