Girl's Night In

As I mentioned in my last post with Soap & Glory, I love having a girls' night out, but I love a girls' night in just as much. So I thought it would be nice to have a little chat about what my perfect girls' night is. 

First off, the pyjamas have to come on and the makeup needs to come off- we want to be comfy. Your girls won't judge you, they'll be dong the same! But before I put on my pj's, my legs might need some love after being stuck in tight jeans all day and plus I get very dry legs at the best of times, so on comes a big dollop of some body butter. 

For me, facemasks have always been a big part of a girlie night in. To me, there's something about them that screams 'sleepover'. So I love going into Boots or Superdrug and getting a whole load, normally the ones that sound the yummiest or most interesting. I love the whole idea of everyone getting cuddled up in our blankets and PJs with a bottle of wine (if you're of age, of course!) and sweeties and having a little gossip while waiting for our face masks to set!

But before you put on your mask, you should probably take off the makeup that is still trying to cling on from earlier in the day. Toner is such a super quick and easy way to do this. Soap & Glory have recently brought out their own micellar water which is just awesome, it takes it all off in one swipe, so no need to rub (Yes!). Just a heads up, though, you may need some wipes to get off any waterproof mascara as it's just super stubborn and the toner might not get it all off. But it's really great if you have sensitive skin like me, and find that your skin goes red from all the rubbing you normally have to do. 

The one downside to face masks is that I often find there are bits left over on your face after you take it off so need to do another little face wash. Well, this seems to be in keeping with the whole "second cleanse" rage right now anyway! My favourite is Foam facial wash from Soap & Glory, this is really great at tightening up those pores and keeping in all that goodness you just gave your face in the mask! 

Okay, so we're all cosy and clean now and have already opened the bottle of wine, this is obligatory, obviously. If you're not of age yet, it's all about the Shlure- this always came out during sleepovers when I was younger. Me and my girls are all foody people so we love having some yummy snacks like ice cream and sweeties, and pizza- most likely to be a Domino's as no one wants to be cooking do they?

We love TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Goldburgs so tend to like to binge watch that or have a good old natter and a bit of a catch-up. After all, what are girlie nights in for?! 

Let me know what you love doing with your girls during your girls' night in, leave them in the comments below! If you have any movie recommendations or TV shows we should watch let me know!

Again, although I am supported by Soap & Glory and was gifted the products mentioned, I'm always honest with you guys and wouldn't back anything I didn't believe in!  


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