My Favourite place

Two of their amazing toasties, lattes and a fresh lemonade x
How good do these look?! Fluffy Pancakes with seasonal berry compote and cream

So the other day, I asked you all what sort of post you would like and so many of you said you liked the food posts and wanted me to do another. So, I thought I would tell you about my favourite cafe(s) in Bristol! 

I know it's a bit of a chain, but I really love The Boston Tea Party. There's one down the road from my house at uni, which makes it the perfect place to go for a study date with friends over breakfast or lunch. It's one of those places where although it's a chain, it feels so cosy and comfortable and each one is slightly different. I love the Cheswick one in particular as it feels so open but cosy at the same time.

Literally, every meal I've had here has been SO yum, and there's something for everyone (not to mention, the sizing is so good). They also do really nice coffee, and we all know how Emily feels about her coffee... The only downside to the coffees is that they're pretty small for the price, but I'm willing to overlook that because they are rather lovely and they have a little loyalty scheme which I'm quickly making my way through! 

If you're a fan of the rustic, kitchen-y feel then you'll love it here! There's loads of them around the Bristol/ Bath area but I have yet to find one back home, BTP Pleaseee bring more down south. If you have one by you, it's well worth a little look. 

One of my favourite times to go is for brunch. Primarily because of their amazing pancakes, you've probably seen them on my Instagram if you follow me on there, and you're probably asking yourself if I eat anything else- the answer is yes but I wish I didn't have to. They're so thick and yummy and fluffy (and filling) and are so good with berry compote. I find it so hard to find pancakes that are on this level of yummy fluffiness. How can this get any better? They do breakfast all day, YAS! 7

But if you don't want super filling pancakes, be sure to try out their yummy toasties, or even their avo and poached egg on toast- healthy and to die for. 

They're all about solid, good old comfort food which is one of my favourite types of food, so be sure to check them out! Let me know if you want more food/ lifestyle posts. x

* This post is not sponsored or supported, I just really love the food!


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