Spring Makeup

Since we're slowly starting to head towards a new season I'm starting to switch up my makeup (while also doing a little bit of a spring clean of my makeup bags!). 
I love spring and the lovely girlie, light looks that go with it. Everything is starting to look a lot less heavy as we can finally move away from those full coverage foundations and more towards medium and lighter bases, like BB and CC creams. 

Since I've started to lighten my bases a bit, I've been having to address the dark circles and redness that comes from tiredness and dry winter skin. Colour correcting have come to my rescue! Up until very recently, I've been pretty intimidated by colour correctors, but Soap & Glory have made it as easy as pie- and who doesn't like pie? 

I've always had dry, red skin around my nose so I put a little bit of the Kick Ass All Is Calm green colour corrector. Now- this is very scary when you first put it on, you think how the heck is this going to help anything? But trust me when I say it all melts aways beautifully. 

For my dark circle, depending on how bad they are, I will either use their Fake Away, yellow corrector or their Under Eye brightening cream that you can get in their three piece Concealer Kit. Both do a really lovely job at saying god by to those late nights. 

I recently ran out of my Matte Me powder, but Soap & Glory came to my rescue! They sent me their lovely Kick Ass Translucent pressed powder, which I will admit I have never tried until recently- but I am a convert. I often find with powders that you can look very cakey very quickly if you don't use a light hand. But since I get a very oily T-zone throughout the day, I need some help! I can't describe this stuff as anything other than having a lovely soft, almost silk-like veil over your face. No matter how much you put on, you still look smooth and natural. I love it! Goodbye Cake. 

Moving away from bases and to brows. I have almost always been a pencil gal since I started doing my brows. But I thought that this season, I would lighten it up a little and just go for a fibre gel on its own. This makes your brows look full but doesn't make them look as precise as a pencil would. I got Benefit's Gimme Brow for my birthday and have seriously been loving it. By going for a slightly lighter shade (I use shade 3) it makes your brows look less harsh.

For an everyday sort of look, I haven't been wearing that much eyeshadow, If I have it been a light taupe sort of colour and not much more. But because I don't really like wearing false eyelashes, but still want that full awake look, I have been loving Too Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara, excuse the name! I got this in waterproof, as I cry when I laugh- which is a lot- and need some help keeping my mascara in place, ha! This makes your lashes look so lovely and fluttery, which I think is perfect for a cute, girlie spring look. 

I love being able to tp show more of my natural skin tone and go for a more lightly flushed look. I've been wearing Benefit's Coralista a lot more as it seems to bring a healthy looking glow to my face, rather than their rather deep rosy shade, Rockateur. 

If I want a bit of highlight, It hasn't been as outright as it normally would. I like to mix in some luminous primer, Like Soap & Glory's Hocus Pocus in with my foundation - Rimmel's Match perfection is definitely my go-to at the mo, and this just give a lovely inner-glow look! Draws the attention to all the right places. 

For lipstick, I feel now is the perfect time to bring out the pinks! Ahh the pink lipsticks, I love how feminine they are! My go to during this time of the year would be something like Bobbi Browns Creamy Matte lip colour in 'True Pink'. This featured in my Luxury Lipstick Edit, which you can read here. 

And there we have it- my go-to spring look. I love switching up my makeup bag, now's the perfect time to do it while you do a little spring clean of you old bits and bobs- sadly we all need to do that from time to time, but it's amazing the things you find and rediscover and means more room to buy more ;) Just remember, makeup has a best by date, just as much as anything else. x

This post is supported by Soap & Glory, but all opinions are my own and are completely honest. 


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