Glow from the Inside Out

We all want clear, glowy skin- don't we? Yet, no matter how well we cleanse our skin we still end up with a few problem spots, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by this! 
But, I think it's very easy to forget that cleansing is not the only thing we should be doing to look after our skin. Since this month has been all about spring cleaning, I thought why not have a little skin chat, that isn't based on cleansing- let's get that inner glow going (just in time for spring and summer round the corner)! 
As a collective, students don't have good diets. Let's be real. I don't think we can all expect to have lovely, clear, glowy skin if all we eat is pot noodle! So let's do a little inner spring clean of our bods.
I've said this once and I will say it 100 times over if I must- water is your friend. Your Best friend. Forget Sally or Lucy or Megan- we love them and they're our squad- but sadly, they won't give you spotless skin. If you take nothing from this apart from the idea that you need to drink more water then I will consider my job done! It's amazing how quickly it can clear up skin if you keep at it. Sadly, it will take a few days for you to be able to see a difference, by I promise if you drink enough each day it will really help with both the spots and texture of your skin. You will also find that you may have more energy and generally feel a lot better in yourself- stay hydrated pups! 

What I'm about to say may make you roll your eyes and have flashbacks to being force fed peas and carrots when you were little, but the phrase "you are what you eat" comes into play here my loves! If all you eat is pot noodle or pasta and ketchup- your skin is going to reflect that.  Before I started uni, my mum started cooking veggie food most days in the week. For a hard core bacon lover I was thrown off a little bit at first, but I've now started doing it now I'm away from home and I love it. Yes, I still eat meat, but it's expensive and we don't really need to eat it every day. There's something about seeing a vibrant bowl of veg curry or chilli that is both so comforting, yet so healthy and good for you. It also sustains you for longer meaning you're not going to eat that bag of crisps you've been eyeing up! All resulting in better skin in the long run. 

I also got into the habit of having a homemade juice or smoothie every day when I was back home. I know people have mixed feelings about this due to the high level of sugars that are in these- but they're natural and not refined. This means I am a lot happier to drink this in the morning as a mid-morning snack or as a quick breakfast if I need to dash out of the door. By popping in a handful of spinach, some mango, blueberries or whatever fruit you have and a splash of coconut milk, you can get so many of you 5 a day in one hit! After about two weeks of having one nearly every day, both I and my family started seeing a pretty big difference in my skin- I had that glow girlies! 

None of this means you should cut out everything that is considered bad for you. Heck, I have a chocolate stash under my bed that I make regular trips to! But as my parents have always taught me- everything in moderation (including moderation), so if you want to have a little chocolate eat fest every once in a while, go for it, just don't do it every other night!  

Even if you take it one step at a time and start introducing more fruit, veg and water into your diet, I promise you body will thank you for it and your skin will reflect that. What have you got to loose? ;) x

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