Spring Scrub a Dub

I often find that many of us are very aware of our skincare routine, as far as our faces are concerned, but don't pay as much attention to the rest of our little bods. I don't know about you, but my poor little legs get pretty neglected, especially in the winter, which makes it that much harder to sort them out later! Since it's starting to slowly get sunnier and warmer, and we're all starting to think about bringing out our limbs out of hibernation to see the sun, let's make sure they're ready! 
So, carrying on the theme of 'Spring Cleaning', with help from Soap & Glory, I thought I'd have a little chat to you all about how I have finally got my body's skincare routine down to a T.
Scrub is my best friend when it comes to combatting my dry, flaky legs that I often get in the winter (sorry if that's TMI!). I have started getting into a habit of doing a light scrub at least every other day, so I love using Soap & Glory's Scrub Of Your Life. This is a really fine, gel scrub that is perfect for everyday use. I often get a lot of little pimples or red bumps on the backs of my legs and arms. But this stuff has helped reduce that so much. It leaves your skin really soft and moisturized, which makes a change as I often feel my skin gets tights after a scrub. 
But, sometimes I find I want something a little more rough, we all get that little bit of satisfaction out of a good ol' scrub don't we? So I take a big dollop of The Sugar Crush scrub. This is like a wakeup call in a scrub. It's so fresh and zingy, so perfect for a little morning exfoliation. It has coarse sugar and nut shells which really help to get in there, and helps with the in growing hair situation we all get. Sadly, for all my gals out there who have nut allergies- this will be a no go for you. But The Scrub Of Your Life is completely nut free! Yay!
I then love to follow with a good nourishing body butter or moisturiser, this is my general rule of thumb for any form of exfoliation- be it on your face or your body. Their Butter Yourself body butter is awesomeee. It is so good at nourishing your skin and leaves your arms and legs feeling lovely and soft. I've even got my boyfriend liking this stuff- that's saying something! 
If  I'm having one of those days where my skin is feeling a little sensitive, I'll just pop on a little bit of shower gel onto a shower puff and have a light scrub that way. You're still getting off that layer of dead skin, obviously not as much as a scrub, but it's better than nothing.

Be sure to let me know what your tips are for getting your skin prep for the warmer weather! Hope you enjoyed reading, and have a lovely weekend x

This post is supported by Soap & Glory, but all opinions are honest and my own. I genuinely love the products I have spoken about. x


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