Sweet Treats for your Skin

Who says thats sweet treats are only for eating? Why don't we introduce something a little sweet into our skincare regime? 

For me, Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star Range is perfect  for this time of year. I love their Lightly Whipped body buttercream as it smells like pistachios and marzipan all at once. I love these. I also love buttercream, so the fact that it's named after that is even better. It's a little odd at first putting this on as it smell like something you should eat, please don't eat it, that wouldn't be good! But it's so in keeping with Easter time, so why not? Sadly, for all my gals out there who have nut allergies, the whole range has almond oil, along with various other nut oils as well. I will admit, I was thrown off by the texture of this at first as it's whipped and bounces back when you press it, but it feel so lovely on your skin after you've put it on. 

Apart from having almond oil in it, the range is based around yoghurt and honey (like a smoothie, clever right!), so this means it's super hydrating for your skin, and can really help soothe tight, dry, flakey skin. I guess, if you're not a fan of sweet scents, this range may not be for you, but if you do- you'll love it. You may have seen that the body milk was in my last Soap & Glory post. That shows you just how much I love it. If you fancy reading more about this one in particular, be sure to check out that post. 

Like all the fragrance house at Soap & Glory, this family has its own bottle of fragrance. So I you feel like coating yourself in the body butter isn't enough, give yourself a little (or big) spritz of this before you head out for the day.

To continue with the 'easter treats' theme, me and my awesome partner in crime, Hannah, have been going round and giving some awesome party packs to some very lucky girlies (look how happy they look)! Be sure to keep and eye out for us as we'll be around at some of the big events happening of campus at the moment. If you don't go to our uni, keep an eye out for you Soap & Glory ambassadors!

* Although this post is supported by Soap & Glory, all opinions are my own and are honest. This post includes gifted products.  


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