The Easter Break

So we're all coming to the end of the second term or semester, and for many of us, some big things will be heading our way!
For me, this marks the end of my first year (in terms of teaching) as I only have one exam in May. For many of you, I'm sure are sitting A-Levels or GCSE's meaning that Easter is the final hurdleSadly, Easter is often a time where we're revising for those dreaded exams, and the stress levels seem to rise. It has definitely felt that way for me for the past 4 years or so now! But do not panic. That's no good for anyone! In light of this, me and Soap & Glory thought it would be good to chat about some things to help keep those stress levels down, and things you can do to give yourself a little treat.

I know it's very easy for me to say this since I've already gone through it all and I'm looking back in hindsight, but it will alllll be fine. I had far too many restless nights in my time over exams, but I feel I'm starting to get into a rhythm with them. The best advice I can give to all you stressed little bunnies is to take some time each day for yourself, to let you recharge those batteries. I'm not going to sit here and tell you not to worry, as the high chance is that you will anyway. But I'm going to try and give you some help in how to stay as calm as you can.

Obviously, preparation in these cases is KEY. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail- yes, I went there. I have never been one to revise or write an important assignment the night before. Yes, I may have done this with my Spanish homework when I was 11, but times have changed! If you're put the time in, then I am a firm believer that it will pay off. And I am pretty sure you will feel a lot calmer going into the exam in May, then those who revised last night! I'm in two minds about timetables as they can be really useful to help divide up your time. But I find sometimes I get carried away with something, or something needs less or more time than planned. 
If I don't feel that motivated, I find bribery works really well. Go and get a big bar of your favourite chocolate (it is easter after all...) and make yourself a target to reach before you can eat it. Maybe go grab a hot drink while you're at it: coffee, tea, hot chocolate- they can all be comforting. 

This all means that you can spend the night before having some "me" time. The night before every exam, my mum has always said to stop and to allow myself to have some time to chill. I often worked myself up a little, I'm not sure why. But getting enough sleep is very important to me, and I would always suggest to people to get as good a nights sleep as you can so you can go into that exam fresh-faced, calm and ready. I get very agitated and ill if I don't get enough sleep, and we don't want this over easter, do we!

Bubble baths and tea are my recipe for calming down and getting rid of those exam stresses. Go light some candles, grab a cup of tea (in my case, something herbal so the caffeine isn't keeping me up) and give yourself a pamper. I love putting a mask on or doing a little hot cloth cleanse, like Soap & Glory's Ultimelt, it smells so lovely and calming. If you have super sensitive skin, be careful as it is jampacked with loads of essential oils, so test it first.
 Warm baths help get your circulation and help to relax you so you can hopefully go and have a good nights sleep. 
After you get out the bath give yourself a little body butter, to help keep the circulation going. I like giving myself a few pumps of the Smoothie Body Milk*, as it sinks in nice and quick, which means I can get into my comfies straight away and go snuggle in bed. I don't know about you, but I find foot rubs oddly calming (obviously for those of you who don't like feet won't be with me here!), but what I like to do is slather on some Smoothie Star body buttercream* on my feet and stick some socks on. You're feet will thank you for it, as it has loads of nourishing oils in it, like almond and coconut oil. 

Good luck to all of you sitting exams after Easter, try and stay as calm as you can- remember, you will be fine!

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  1. I'm in Year 10 so I have mocks at the end of this year and I do need to start revising! But every teacher keeps going on about how next year our Easter holidays will be very different. This was so useful though! xo

    1. Ah good luck with them sweet! I'm glad that you found this useful. I have another, older post called Exam Stress which might come in handy for you too if you need it 😘


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