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Now that it's March, I feel I can start getting excited about Spring. And with Easter around the corner, this is the first post with a new theme with Soap&Glory! I'm also excited about this post as it's also a collaboration with my amazing girl, Sofia from The Morning Sparkle. She's my gorgeous fellow Soap & Glory glambassador, so go give her post a read and give her some love!
Every season I find I love different products, so me and Sofia thought we would have a little chat with you all about the products we keep reaching for this season.

I don't know about you, but for me, I love focusing a little bit more on my lips in spring. Gone are the days of crazily chapped lips - YAS finally! But, If I'm having on of those days where I'm not drinking enough water, Soap & Glory's Pillow Plump is my go to. Not only does it give my lips a lovely plumpness, but also helps to smooth them. Goodbye flaky lips! 

While we're still the thought of lips... lipsticks! We all knew this was coming, didn't we! I feel like I'm going to be reaching for their Sexy Mother Pucker lipsticks in Super Nude, mainly because that's all I wear at the moment and I don't see that stopping anytime soon... I love the matte range, which has the cutest rose gold packaging (yes, I'm still all about that rose gold) and it smells like vanilla cupcakes. Tell me: what isn't there to like!? They come in three different formulas, but I just love matte lips. 

Because I'm a neutral kinda gal when it comes to makeup, I needed to find an eyeshadow palette which was neutral based but had hints of colour to add to a spring makeup look- again, Soap & Glory came to my rescue. Their Kick into Neutral is literally that, and I love it. You can create so many looks, from day to night and it has hints of pink (of course!) so perfect for a light, spring look. 
I even sometimes like to use the shade 'fairy lights' as a highlight! Who doesn't love a palette that multitasks?

For me, nothing screams Spring like a fresh, floral perfume. Sadly, I'm slowly coming to the end of it, but my Top shelf perfume (one of...) is Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream. It's so fresh, floral and girly, everything I want from a fragrance this time of the year. 

Lastly, moisturiser- we all know what I'm like with moisturiser. I love one that is quick to sink in so I can get dressed and go but want it to do its job and smell nice while doing so. I don't ask for much! Sweet scents are always big this time of year, so Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star range is perfect. I love their Deep Moisture Body Milk. It does what it says on the bottle, it's so hydrating. But it sinks in super quickly and smells so yummy. I could eat it. But please don't do that, it wouldn't be good for you! 

A big thank you to Sofia and Soap & Glory. Be sure to go check out Sofia's products to see what she's loving this season and go follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to let us both know what you've been loving too this season!

Sofia's lovely blog: 

Although this post is supported by Soap & Glory, all opinions are my own and honest, as always. x


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