Transitional Spring Outfit

Spring is finally here, and boy am I happy about it! Bring on the warmer, sunnier and longer days. But, it is still a little chilly with the wind every now and then, so let's have a little look how I've been styling jumpers in this (slightly) warmer weather. 

I am OBSESSED with these shoes. They're a sort of dupe that loads of designers brought out last year. These are from Kurt Giger but I got them from T K Maxx, so like I said- a sort of dupe, but not cheap. New Look and Asos have some really sweet ones as well, so if you want to get your hands on a pair, be sure to have a look- some links will be below. 

I really feel that trousers should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. There are so many styles, so you're bound to find a style to suit you and your style and body type. I love these white slim fit ones because you can so easily dress them up or down, and the white is so good for the warmer months! 

Because it's still chilly, jumpers are still needed. I love this split-side grey one as it's just such a classic. Like the trousers, you can so easily wear this to so many different occasion. 
I paired the shoes with a black satchel style, cross-body bag and some black Clubmaster Raybans. Again, these are just classics in my book, and never fail me. 


As always, I love hearing all your recommendations so please feel free to leave them below! xx


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