5 Things I've Learnt in My First Year of Uni

So that's it for me, my first year at uni is done- one exam in a month and that is it. It has been the quickest seven months of my life yet, it's definitely been an adventure, and I've definitely learnt a few things. 

The Basics

I think this is an obvious one, but I have learnt the basics since being away from home. I can cook more than pasta (cookbooks have been my best friends) do my washing without ruining anything and all round generally look after myself without too much illness. But I guess you sort of need to know how to do these things, or learn them very quickly when you go to uni. But don't be scared to ask for help! You have many a cookbook to go to, your flatmates and, of course, your family. Skype and Facetime are great things- don't forget to use them!


I thought I learnt this well before I went away from home, but I realised that it was a different level. Of course, my family are always there when I need them, and I would be lying if I said I hadn't called my mum to ask how to wash something, but you suddenly seem to take a lot more initiative. I guess what I'm really trying to say with this one is that you start to learn how to adult. You suddenly have things to pay for, which leads me on to my next point...

Oh, my word.  The number of students who don't know how to do this is crazy. And, as a consequence, they get into problems. This has been a really valuable thing to learn early on. I set myself a weekly budget and always buy my food at the beginning of the week, then I know how much I have to go out with over the weekend or save up to go towards something I really want ( like a new lipstick or clothes)! If you feel you need help, student services are there to help you with all sorts, so go have a little chat with them and see how they can help you. I find writing it all down and taking it off my weekly budget helps me visualise where the money is going, and how much I have left. 

If you want something done...

If you want something done, do it yourself. That way you know it's going to get done the way you would like and it's under your terms. This isn't specific to uni, but life in general. I think this started seeping in when I was in college, but it has really hit home since being away at uni. There is no point laying everything on someone as it's going to stress you out so much when it's not needed. 

Time Management 

Again, this is something I started to learn probably when I started college, as I suddenly had fewer lessons, but more things to do. But I think it really hit home coming to uni. You don't have your parents constantly asking if you've done your work, nor do your lecturers ask you. They tell you when the deadline is and expect you to have it done by then. If you don't? You get capped at 40% in the first 24 hours, and if it's later than that then you fail. Simple as that. It's a little scary, but this acts as an incentive to write your list and make a plan of attack so you make time for everything, and everything gets done. 

So I would say these are the top 5 things I have learnt in my first year away from home, and I hope it has been helpful to all of you about to start your first year, or maybe just helpful in general! x


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