Holiday Beauty Hacks


So, if you didn't know, I'm heading off on a super exciting trip tomorrow to Dubai! My sister lives out there and I'm finally going out to go see her, after her living there for a while now! In light of this, me and Soap & Glory thought it would be the perfect time to have a little chat about some of my top tips to help with what to put in your makeup bag when you go away. 

I love travelling, and I'm lucky to be able to be doing a fair amount of it this year, but I do not like packing. At all. Nor do I like trying to cut down my makeup bag so I don't go over the limit by taking 5 bronzers and 6 blushes out with me. Please tell me that it's not just me? 

But... there are some products out there which will make it so much easier- thank you Soap & Glory! My favourite is their 3-in-1 contour, blush and highlight combo- The Mighty Contourer. I'm not normally a big fan of cream contouring, purely because I'm so intimidated by it. And I will admit, when I opened this I thought "oh my wordddddd, this is going to be too dark and warm". But I went with it and tried it- and I love it. It's not crazily pigmented, which is what you WANT in cream contour products, so you don't go in too heavy handed and end up with I huge brown line down your cheek and people think you've been putting mud on your face. It's super easy to blend out as well. 

The blush it very similar as you can build it up, and it such a pretty pink shade, perfect for this time of year. I love layering it with my trusty Nars Orgasm, excuse the name, as they really compliment each other and the powder helps to set the cream in place. 
Remember- cream first, then powder. I've made that rookie mistake before and it didn't end well!

I like to use their highlight under my eyes by mixing it in with my concealer, as it's a matte, non-shimmer, highlight. It helps to brighten up the under eye really well, which we all want. 

Now, if you think about it, you can either take the three separate products or... pop this super little combo and save some room! Me? Definitely the latter. Just remember to set it all with some powder, especially if you're off to a nice hot country like I am, we don't want it sliding around, do we?!

Be sure to stay tuned for some tips all about packing, and what I like to take on long-haul flights with me!

Thank you to Soap & Glory for supporting this post, this post includes gifted products*. Although I was gifted this product, all opinions are my own and completely honest. 


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