If you haven't guess yet- I love food. And for me, pie is one of my favourite comfort foods out there, especially when there's mash involved. I went home over the weekend to be with my mama for Mother's Day, and my lovely parents took me to this cute, quirky little pie shop in one of the backstreets of Winchester. There is no way I would have found this place on my own if my parents hadn't been before. It's all themed around comic books: all things marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars- you name it, they probably have some little hint of it in there. They even have comic books scattered around the shop so you can have a little read while you wait for your food!

But, it is basically a restaurant, made up of about 6 tables or so that just sells pie and mash. There's a pie of what seems like every type of pie, both savoury and sweet. And you can have it with mash, or mash and mushy peas. Not only that, but you can choose what type of mash you want! They have vegan and veggie options if you don't eat meat, or fancy a change as well. 

For drinks, we all went for ice tea as they have an array of different flavours. Me and my mum went for raspberry and my dad went for passionfruit- while both were lovely, I think my dad chose best. 

We went for the meal called 'Pie & Mighty' where you could choose your pie, from the many different flavours, your type of mash, mushy peas - which I loveee - with gravy and crispy onions. I went for the 'Woolverine', my mama went for 'The New Yorker' and my dad went for the Piecramba. All were just too yummy.

I can easily say we were three very happy, full bunnies by the end. 

This is definitely a little, hidden gem in Winch, so if you fancy taking a trip down to the comic book filled pie shop that is the wonder of Piecaramba then head down Parchment street! But be quick, make sure you go early otherwise you'll be queuing down the road for a seat! I'm on a promise to take James here, so I'm sure they'll creep back onto my Instagram, with their insane pies, very soon. 

This post is not sponsored. 


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