Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day. If I could eat brunch food all day, every day, I would. I'm also a fan of looking after myself and feeding myself healthy meals, so to find a cafe dedicated to solely that is right up my street. 

The other day my mum took me out to meet a family friend for brunch at the adorable vegetarian and vegan cafe on the outskirts of Winchester, called Thrive. All their food is veggie and vegan-friendly, and they have some super yummy options. 

All three of us went for their avocado with chilli on rye, with mama and I adding a poached egg on top- SO yummy! My mum had been before so recommended their amazing hot chocolate. It's made with cacao powder and almond milk; I loved it so much, we. had to nip into Waitrose afterwards to get the ingredients so I could make it at home! Still not as good as they make... They also have drinks like matcha, turmeric and lavender lattes (wasn't brave enough to try one yet!), ginger shots and a wonderful array of teas. Including a few from Teatox. 

It's such a cute little cafe, with a really chilled, rustic beach sort of vibe. The sort of thing I imagine would be popular in Oz! I seriously love it here and will need to make a trip soon maybe to even try their pancakes? We all know how I feel about pancakes...


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