What The Puck Is Happening...

As we speak, there are 200 Puck the Ducks making their way to campuses all over the UK for a very exciting event! 

For UWE students, on 2nd May you'll be set a mission to go find a Puck that has been hidden all over campus. For other unis please keep an eye out on your uni's Soap & Glory page or look out for your Glambassadors. If you're a UWE student, join the facebook event

If you find one of those pesky puckers, you can a little prize! But... for one lucky lady, if you find the puck with the gold bottom, you will win a year's supply of Soap & Glory goodies. Yes- a whole soaper 12 months worth of glory. That's a lot! So grab your squad, take a little break from revision and get ready to search. 

Once you've found one, post a picture on Instagram or twitter and the tag #wherethepuck to receive your prize. Make it interesting and creative! And don't worry, I'll be monitoring the tag all day replying to you all about where to go grab your prize.

You can start searching for these little puckers from 9:30 until 3, or until they've all been found! 

Get ready to Quack down the Puck ladies. Not long to go! 

This post is supported by Soap & Glory. x


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