3 Steps I follow to ease Jet Lag

I love travelling, so much. But, I would be lying if I said I love the aftermath of long-haul travel. I find jet lag hits me pretty hard, so I've had to learn a few things as to how to deal with it and thought I would share my tips in time for summer holidays!


This may seem too obvious to even mention, but I'm going to mention it anyway. You need to catch up on that sleep you have lost! I really struggle to sleep on overnight flights, so end up a little bit like a zombie after getting off, so it really helps to catch some zzz when you feel tired. So if it's 3 in the afternoon and you feel zonked out- go sleep! There is no point sitting there doing whatever you're doing if you're going to fall asleep doing it anyway. Once I feel like I've caught up on sleep, I then like to try to start to get back to a normal sleeping pattern (even if that does mean I in the kitchen drinking peppermint tea at 4 in the morning...). At least then it's semi-normal


Again- this is KEY! Water helps boost your energy at the best of times, let alone when you're jet lagged. Flying can also make you very dehydrated, which is never good. So make sure you drink plenty both on the flight and when you get to your destination of back home. My skin also likes to do crazy things like getting super dry and breakout at the same time while I travel, so water helps with that!  Go and buy yourself a big litre bottle for the flight, and make sure you drink it. If you're of age, be careful of drinking alcohol on flights as it can make you feel more dehydrated. When I'm home, I like to fill up water bottles and have them all over the house so I remember to stay hydrated. I find I'm also more likely to drink plenty if it's cold water (I have no idea why?), so I just pop this little cutie from Tillyanna* in the fridge overnight ready for the morning. 


I find this to be the main issue. Your mind is in one time zone, and your body is in another. One thing I find really helps me is to change my watch to the local time of wherever I'm heading and then do whatever I normally would at that time. If it's 10 pm, then I'll try and sleep so it's not too much of a change. 

So these are the three main tips I would give anyone who is travelling long haul any time soon, be sure to let me know any tips and tricks you have to help! 

* You can get 20% off the whole Tillyanna store using the code SPRING20, this is not an affiliate code and I don't receive a commission from it. This post does contain gifted content.


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