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Yes, it's finally coming to that point in the year when we can start saying Summer is around the corner- finally! The products I reach for from season to season changes, as I'm sure it does for all of you, so these are the bits I have been really loving at the moment! 

I feel like everyone and their mothers are wanting glowy skin this season- myself included (but, obviously No one wants to look greasy). Since I've been running very low on my Becca backlight priming filter, I've needed something to give my base a little lift so I've been loving Hocus Focus. Now, this isn't the first time I've mentioned this little beauty, but it's a really good dupe, and who doesn't love a good dupe? 

Now, I would not class myself as a gloss kinda gal, purely because I have long hair and it gets sticky and stuck on my lips and it's no fun for anyone. But... I think I have found ones I like! Soap & Glory have come out with these cute little Gloss Sticks which are sort of a balm and a gloss in one. They also give you that very on trend "I've just eaten an ice-lolly" look! My favourite is their shade Pink-a-boo, but I also really like to wear Technicoral with my next product...

Peach Party- what doesn't sound good about this? I like peaches and I like parties! The lovely thing about this is that it acts as a blush and a highlight. Since it's split up into a wheel, you can pick out and customise the shade you want- if you think about it... its a bronzer, highlight and blush in one- woo! 

When it comes to coverage, although I'm a full girl in the winter, I like a much lighter coverage in the summer (it means there's less of it to slide off my face during hot days)! My go-to is a BB or tinted moisturiser, I'm a big fan of the Mac and the Maybelline BB creams, Mac's is perfect for the evening as it has a little more coverage. But, sometimes I don't even want that! Sometimes, all I want is something you cover my dark circles and any spots I have, so the Kick Ass concealer is perfect. It's thick enough to cover blemishes, but it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. Then all I need to do is set it with a little powder and voila! 

Be sure to let me know what your go-to summer beauty staples are, I'm always on the hunt for new things! 
*This post contains gifted content and is supported by Soap & Glory. But, all opinions and my own and are completely honest.


  1. Yes! Love all of these products!
    I keep meaning to pick up a Peach Party, it looks incredible.

    Fab post! Love, Imogen x


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