What's in my holiday beauty bag?

The countdown to the holiday at the end of the month is ON, so I'm starting to think more about the products I like to take away with me. Holidays for me, especially beachy holidays - maybe a hint to where we're off to...- are a time for little makeup and for letting my skin have a bit of a break from all the layers of makeup it has on when I'm home. 

Makeup wise, It will be the bare minimum. Obviously, SPF is on, and a high factor! But I like to make sure my skin is nice and hydrated as well, so moisturiser is smothered on too. On the first few days, I am as pale as anything, so I love the fact that Soap & Glory have the Glow Job. I've mentioned this in a past post, but, once again, I love having that little extra pump of colour. 

Depending on how I'm feeling, I might put on a little mascara, just so my lashes look a little darker, but this won't be three, four coats of it. I love the Thick and Fast as you can build it to what you want. A single swipe gives my lashes that little boost they need, without them bunching and looking too much for the poolside or beach. 

As we all know- I'm oily skinned. So as much as I love the sun, it will make me look as shiny as anything, so I like to have a light dusting of powder to try and keep that shine at bay. The Kick-ass translucent powder is fab for this. It never makes you look cakey and just helps to blot down that shine, while keeping your skin looking natural. It also helps to even out your complexion which is awesome, especially when you're wearing nothing else. 

I like to make sure I smell fresh as well, so having a body spray in your bag is always handy, along with a bit of deodorant if you're sitting out in the sun all day. My favourite for holidays is Soap & Glory's Fruitigo, as the name would suggest, it smells so fresh and fruity which is perfect for a tropical vacay! 

Lastly, hand cream! I have seriously bad circulation, so my hands are constantly cold and dry- hand cream is a must for me, especially in the heat (or the cold for that matter...)

As always, be sure to let me know what you love to take away with you. A big thank you to Soap & Glory for supporting my last post with them! (*all opinions are my own and are completely honest).


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