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My skin has really been playing up recently, so I've been amping up my skincare and making sure that my routine is solid. Obviously, everyone has different skin, so different products will work for different people. I have combination skin, as mentioned in several posts already, but it's been especially oily over the past few weeks. 

Having said that, a lot of brands have also been bringing out a lot of new bits and pieces, so these are some oldies and some newbies that have been really helping to sort out my skin ready for my holiday!


L'oreal are bringing out some super things at the moment, in all departments. I was a huge fan of their clay masks, so when I found the clay washes in boots, I needed to pick them up! This detox clay wash is fab if you're having some problematic skin, as it helps to draw out those spots and blackheads so you can get rid of them quickly. Because it's a charcoal based wash, it can be a bit drying, so I haven't been using it every day, but every other day has been working really well. 

I've also been really loving L'oreal's new Hydra Genius aloe water, and I got it in their combination formula. Now, what part of this doesn't sound good? Especially for the summer and to go away with! It's such a refreshing, cooling formula, so a really good one to use in the mornings. I do find sometimes I need something a little heavier, so I use a thicker moisturiser at night, but during the day, and as a base for my foundation- its fab.

I love a good scrub, I really do. Especially when I get a bit of flakey skin on my nose, and dry skin, I love the feeling of scrubbing it all away- is that weird? Surely I'm not alone with this. Anyway, I recently discovered The Body Shop's Seaweed range (for combo skin), and I am seriously loving the scrub. It's a very coarse scrub, so not so good if you're skin is easily irritated, but if you want to really get in there go check this out! 

If you're more into a more gentle exfoliation, which definitely has its place, I've recently really enjoyed trying out Arbonne's FC5 New Cell Scrub. It smells amazing, like lemons, so super fresh and it doesn't leave you feeling tight like a lot of scrubs do. But it isn't a cheap option so I will keep you updated if I find a dupe. 

Lastly, as a little bit of a treatment, I've been popping some of Nip + Fab's Glycolic Fix Treatment gel on troublesome areas, such as my t-zone, nose and jaw line (basically most of my face right now- damn you hormonal spots!), just before I got to bed. This helps to loosen any dirt and blackheads in your pores to make it a little easier to clean them out in the morning. 

And there we have it! Be sure to let me know what skincare you would recommend, especially for those times of the month when your skin isn't as happy.  


  1. I really wanted to try the L'Oreal hydra genius but I just picked up a body shop moisturiser instead! I'm loving the Pixi tonic to get rid of any dryness, and the body shop vitamin c reviver is great under makeup :) xx

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