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I know I've been so MIA recently, I'm sorry! Life is just getting super busy (good busy), and I'm losing track of time! Anyway, since I'm off at the end of the week, I thought I would tell you all about some new beauty and fashion bits I've picked up in prep for vacation. To make up for the lack of post recently, I've split them up- this being the beauty bits, with the fashion pieces to come later this week. 

Starting with the beauty bits: Skincare. You don't need me to ramble on to you about how much I try to take care of my skin, despite it not being happy right now so I won't carry on with that. BUT, I have picked up some new bits I have never tried! 

The first is my first ever Glamglow purchase- their double cleanse clay and oil cleanser. I loved the sound of this as it said it would help to clear the complexion and rejuvenate it- just what my skin needs right now. Although it's early days with it, I can say I'm really enjoying it so far. It smells like apples! It doesn't foam as much as I thought it would... but that might just be me not using it properly? If any of you have tried it let me know how you got on with it. 

The next is also a first for me- my first ever purchase from Caudalie. Yes, I picked up one of their mini beauty elixirs. And yes, I love it. It's so refreshing and cooling- perfect for a refresh poolside or before dinner me thinks. I think I may need to get the full-size bottle If I can manage to bring myself to pay the hefty price tag! 

I've been a Bondi Sands tan fan for a couple of years now, thanks to my friend Dani. I loved their gradual tanner, so when I heard that they had a new Everyday Liquid Gold dry oil, I needed it. It was a need, clearly. 

Hair care wise, I always like to take conditioner away with me, as hotels never seem to do it and there is no way my hair will do anything if it's dry and frizzy. So, after watching one of Estee Lalonde's vlogs recently, I saw she was testing out the new Garnier Coconut water duo. Now, I love me some coconut. I just love the scent. So, clearly, I had to pick it up. Although I'm saving it for when I'm away, I can tell you that the scent it just so fresh and summery and I'm so ready and excited to try it! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets excited to try new shampoos and conditioners? 

Lastly, I picked up some new foundation and concealer, as I have a feeling that I will get a little colour on my face if I'm away in the sun for two weeks! I finally picked up the L'oreal True match in 3C, after hearing so many good things about it. From what I can see, it looks really natural and seems to have a nice amount of coverage, watch this space for more deets soon! My last little piece is a new concealer. Again, new to me, but not new to the market. In fact, more like a firm favourite among many- the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer, and I picked it up in golden beige, I have enjoyed using it so far, and it makes my dark circles look almost non existent- woo! 

Keep and eye out for my new fashion pieces I'm taking away with me, which will be up later this week. As always, I love hearing your recommendations, so be sure to let me know of anything new you've been trying and loving! 


  1. I love the True Match Foundation, it is such a staple in my collection!
    Grace xx


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