My Summer Watch List

Since many are off from school, college or uni, what better time to start getting into a new series? So these are the ones I've been loving this summer. And since good shows deserve a good screen, I've teamed up with Panasonic to tell you all about the new Panasonic 4KTV.

The Blacklist
If you only watch one thing from this list let it be this one. It's a MUST watch. I won't give too much away, but it's definitely one of those programmes you can't stop watching once you start. 

The Kettering Incident 
(for those who love a good mystery and sci-fi). It Is a bit weird and confusing but keep with it. I promise it gets good. But don't go watching it if you like a definite end to a series because I and my parents are still not sure what really happened. 

Modern Family 
I have always loved this programme and it's something both I enjoy, and my mama. I think we both just love how accurate it is about family life. 

Line of duty
 This is another MUST watch, it's so gripping. And is Something me and my whole family watch religiously every time a new series comes out. Even if you're not a fan of the typical police dramas, give this a go- it might surprise you. Already managed to convert half my flat into watching (and loving) it. 

Game of Thrones
 Do I really need to explain this since everyone seems to watch this but for good reason Since the new season started on the 17th, what better time to catch up and have the new one to look forward to? Just stay away from Twitter for spoilers. Not for those who are under 18 or are uncomfortable with gore etc. 
Masterchef Australia. 
I just love this program, like I seriously love it. So much so that It has started to become a little bit of a family joke as to how much I watch this, nearly every day... 

Now, like I said earlier, since these are all pretty big tv shows, they need a tv to do them justice, so watching them on a Panasonic 4KTV ensures you get the best image. The image, as my parents often say, is almost better than real life. This level of image makes old movies look like new with a sharper image and sound, so definitely worth investing in if you're a tv and movie fan. 

Be sure to let me know what's on your summer watch list, love finding new programmes. 
*This post contains a paid advertorial, thank you to Panasonic for working with me on this post. All thoughts are still my own and are completely honest.  


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