Overnight Flight Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I'm doing a few cross-Atlantic trips this summer, which means a few overnight flights. If I'm being totally honest, I really don't enjoy them. I can never seem to sleep, or seem to struggle so I only get 20 minutes and then I seem to run out of this to do. So I thought I'd chat you through the things I took on the flight to make it that little bit easier. 

This is an obvious one, but water. I'd always recommend buying a nice big bottle before you get on a flight as it's so easy to get dehydrated, and we all know that both will not make you feel better and is bad for you. So drink plenty of water!

Next is something I received in the post about a week before I went and I thought an overnight flight would be the perfect time to test it out. It's an eye mask from Spacemasks*. It's a mask that you put over your eyes, like any other eye mask, and it heats up and smells amazing. it does this for about 15/20 minutes which seems just long enough to help you try and catch some zzz before you land. I can honestly say I felt really nice and chilled after testing it out. Even after it stopped doing its thing, it was still useful to have as I forgot to bring an eye mask, which is again just a general thing I'd really recommend. 

Headphones. I feel like we all knew I was going to say this. And yes, you can more often than not, get headphones on board, but I find mine so much more comfortable, and on a flight- comfort is everything. 

I almost like to treat an overnight flight like I'm staying at someone's house for the night if you get me? So I like to have a little bag of toiletries with my toothbrush and toothpaste so I can feel a little bit more fresh before I land, along with a cooling eye mask to put on as we start to descend, as I get really puffy eyes. 

I know they give you movies to watch on long flights like these, but sometimes it's a bit nicer to have a little ready. I also find that this can help me sleep, i need all the help I can get when it comes to sleeping while travelling! I took a few away with me, but have loved #GIRLBOSS. Yes, every blogger and their mother seem to have read it, but it is well worth reading for any young woman, it's a bit like someone giving you a little pep talk and gives you that bit of motivation you sometimes need to get stuff done. 

Be sure to let me know what you like to take on overnight flights with you, I might need some recommendations for my flight in a few weeks time! 



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