August Favourites


I feel like I haven't done a favourites post in ages. So I thought since July was full of trying new bits and pieces out that I'd share with you all what I'm loving at the moment. 

The first is what I'm now considering to be my skins secret weapon: Beauty Pie's Micro Peeler serum. I'm not 100% sure how/ what it does, but over the past few weeks of using it nearly every night, my skin hasn't looked this healthy in a long time. Hands down one of the best skincare products I've had in a while. A full post on Beauty Pie and some details about some of their products, including this guy will be up on the blog soon so make sure you look out for that. 

Next, although I got it towards the end of the month, I am loving it! It's Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation. Although it is definitely at the pricer end of foundations, I am hooked. I got it matched at one of their stores (which I'm really glad about!) so the colour matches me perfectly. There coverage is medium/ full and easily buildable but it doesn't make you look cakey or greesey. Might quickly become one of my ride or dies... 

Since I've been running around all over the place recently, a backpack has been well needed and with this one from Yoki via Asos being so cute, I couldn't not include this into my favourites. If you follow me on youtube (That's Just Emily) you would have seen this in a haul a while back and I can tell you now- I've been wearing NON STOP. Was such a good buy, and doesn't it just look so cute in millennial pink?! 

The Next may be a bit of an odd one, but it's my camera! Although it's not the most high-tec, expensive one but it's been so great to have in my bag recently, especially since I've been travelling around doing excititing things! 

And there we go, I know there's not many this month. Mainly because I haven't been home in a few weeks! x


  1. I love your backpack! It's such a pretty colour!

    Gemma xx

  2. Your backpack is adorable! I NEED one like that now xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves


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