3 years a charm

 So not that long ago, I hit the 3-year mark with my boyfriend, James. 3 Years- that's quite a chunk, but it has flown by! So I thought that I'd jot down something that I've learned over the past three years and some things I feel some may need reminding of every now and then. 

They say that three years is the amount of time that it takes to fully know your other half, so I guess one of the most important things I've learned being in a long-term relationship is that communication is key. Seriously. Your other half cannot read minds, as much as we wish that they did, so you can't just expect them to know that something is on your mind or if you're upset, or whatever. You need to tell them! Otherwise how else are they suppose to know? 
Another thing that slots in nicely with this is that disagreeing is completely normal. Even though many don't enjoy arguments, especially with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife- they are going to happen and I can tell you now: it's healthy. Two different people can't agree on all things all the time and it's definitely better to let them know if something's bothering you so you can sit down and talk it out when it first crops up. That way, both sides can learn from the experience and it saves having a bigger argument later on (if you haven't guessed- I am a huge fan of talking. It's great). 

One thing I have always wanted in a boyfriend, and something I hope many of you would look for in your other half, is that they make you happy and laugh. I count myself very lucky that James makes me laugh nearly every day. No relationship is perfect, you will definitely have your good and bad days, but if you can make each other laugh, especially when you get into the long-term phase, you can't go far wrong. And don't forget to make an effort with each other. When a relationship is young you want to go out and do exciting things together, but many of us get into a rut when you hit long-term thinking that the other is fine with having yet another night in front of the tv. While these do definitely have a place, it is still important to try and make an effort with each other.

I would never class myself as an expert on this matter. Heck- I'm constantly learning because this is the sort of thing where everyone and every relationship is different, and you're learning something new every day. But just be happy in knowing that you're not weird and remember to talk


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