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If you asked any of my friends or family, they would probably tell you that I'm quite a huggie person. I love them, they're amazing. I'm also a big fan of treats: treating myself, my friends, family- everyone deserves a little treat every now and then. So, why not merge the two together? That's exactly what huggg have done, and I am so on board. 

Sending someone a huggg is basically sending them a little treat, be it for a birthday or just because (because I don't think we do it enough!). You can send your friends or family a huggg to pick up a coffee and cake (like I did, it was delish), a cocktail- or three- or even a meal! You just click onto the app, choose where you the restaurant or cafe, choose what you would like to send (there's something for all budgets) and choose who you want to send it too! So easy! 

The lovely lot over at huggg kindly sent me a coffee and cake to Society Cafe in Bristol and it honestly made my day. It was so easy to redeem, the app talks you very simply how to do so, and I enjoyed my coffee and cake with my friends while looking over the harbour! 

My flatmate actually found the app and I completely fell in love with the idea, thank you, Hannah! huggg love to spread the love and said that if I told a friend, or five, then they would send them a little huggg from me to them to spread the love! If you want to join in spreading the love, just head over to their site. At the moment they are only based in Bristol and Bath, but they will slowly be rolling out to other cities soon, so keep an eye out and get ready to give your loved ones a huggg.  If you do send them one, or you get given one, don't forget to share your experience over on Instagram and #sayitwithahuggg #huggged


Although I am working in partnership with huggg, all opinions are my own and are completely honest. I do really love it! 
Photos by the lovely Izzy Manuel


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