I know. You probably saw that word and cringed a little. We've all probably had one of those horrible giant spots and though "oh my gosh I'm growing a second head!". And if you haven't well you're one of a very small minority and should count yourself super lucky!

In saying that, spots may not affect all of you, but in case they do, or if they do later on down the line, here are a few tips I have picked up. 

Before you go out and splurge on super expensive, dermatologist approved special gels and creams you may want to give this a go: steam

I know it sounds super odd but just hear me out. Have you ever gone into a steam room or sauna and come out and thought "wow my skin looks amazing"? Well that's all because of the steam! The steam helps to open up clogged pours and helps sweat out any toxins. 

So, if you have one of those horrible, angry looking spots try boiling the kettle, grab a bowl and a towel, and sit with the towel over your head, with your head over the bowl full of hot water. Set a timer for between 5 to 10 minutes (depending on how bad the spot is!). I should mention that you need to close your eyes while you steam your face, otherwise this will cause a lot of dis comfort (and please take care when handling hot water!). Also, once you have finished steaming, try putting some TCP on the spot/ blemish (it will sting- a lot- but that means its working. It also doesn't smell great). If you follow this routine and repeat a few times in the week, I promise it will heal a lot quicker. 

Another tip, which again sounds super odd (but I promise there is method in my madness), is salt baths. You know when you go on holiday and spend a lot of time in the sun and sea and you notice your skin is super clear? That's because the sun and salt help to dry up any blemishes you may have and act as a natural exfoliater. The best way to carry out a salt bath is to run a warm/hot bath sans bubble bath but replace it with salt (you can normally buy big bags of salt from large supermarkets cheaply). Add around a third of a bag of salt into it and repeat three to four times a week, before you know it your skin will start clearing up! 

One of the biggest tips I could give anyone who suffers from spots, and it is the most simple (you will be pleased to hear!) is don't touch them! When you have a spot or blemish, the worst thing you could possibly do is pick at it and touch it, especially if you haven't washed your hands! 

Failing all of that, go back to basics and persevere with your everyday skincare routine (if you're unsure about this go check out my Skincare 101 post). Most people's skin will go through some form of cycle (all thanks to those wonderful things called hormones!) so please don't worry too much if you break out, all of us get it. Just remember to wash you face regularly (two times a day) and to moisutrise. If you're really concerned you can go talk to a chemist and see what they would suggest (the ladies in Boots I find are always pretty helpful!)

So hopefully these few tips help clear up any spots or blemishes you may have. Let me know if there are any skincare tips you have or if there are any DIY or products you want me to try out! x 

P.S. These are tips I have personally tried and work for me but, as everyone's skin is different, results may differ from person to person. Please do no use any products mentioned if you are allergic!


  1. Love it babe! Will be giving some a try! x


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