Bringing back the high neck

I have always been a high neck fan. Give me a mock neck or turtleneck jumper any day of the week and I will be happy. Although they seem quite boring, they are so versatile! You can easily dress them up or down and I don't think they will ever be out of style. So when I started seeing everyone pulling theirs out of the depths of their wardrobes I was very happy.

The beauty of these classic pieces is that there is a version for every price tag. From your standard high street shops, like New Look, to cosy cashmere ones from John Lewis. My favourite is this turtleneck from Uniqlo. It's not too thick, but because it's Merino hair, it is so cosy and soft!

The way I've been loving styling mine is under this adorable dogtooth pinafore from Topshop (the one you're likely to have seen all over your Instagram). I am all for the little 60s vibe it gives, while totally being on trend right now. I used to have to wear a dogtooth skirt when I was at school, and I hated it. And, yet, here I am telling you how much I love this pinafore. Oh, how times have changed! But dogtooth has been around for years, and I one of those prints that looks lovely in so many different forms. 

If I am not feeling like wearing a dress, my everyday go to is matching it with some black skinny jeans and black boots. SO simple, but So good. 


  1. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! 😍😍😍 you have the best style! xoxo


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